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Amola Bloody Mary Salt

20150331-071154.jpg Just in time for Easter week-end festivities, comes this perfectly packaged Bloody Mary salt. Whether a pinch is added to the cocktail or rimmed on the glass, this is just all good stuff–sea salt, heritage bacon, sundried tomato, serrano pepper, celery seed. Created by the AMOLA company on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. Again, one of my favorite combos of what is on the outside of the box is as good as what is inside. Stellar, stellar packaging to add to a grown-up Easter basket, bring as a host/hostess gift, or just keep for yourself.



Ted’s Tip No. 34

20150330-061345.jpg Cooking with fresh herbs is a game changer. No matter whether you grow them or buy them, using fresh herbs whenever possible will infuse herby delightfulness and extra depth of flavor to just about anything you are whipping up.



12,000 Dreams Interpreted Journal

20150329-084059.jpg Having just woken up moments ago, this post and this journal seem quite apropos. Dreams can be such dreamy things. Or scary things. Or thought provoking things. This journal keeps record of them. There is a companion book that gives meaning to 12,000 things we dream about. I find it fascinating how some people remember their dreams so vividly, while others do not. Or the feeling of what the dream was but not fully remembering it or not remembering it at all. A remembered dream can be such a gift. Interesting stuff, these dreams of ours. Sold separately, they are a pretty sweet duo.

A lovely Sunday to you all. If that includes a nap with a dream, even better…



A Saturday Thought

20150328-034429.jpg I saw this quote yesterday on Instagram and it rang so true. I have a slight inclination it might be part of a Converse ad campaign, but the message still resonated. It is also a directive that holds so much truth as time passes–surround yourself with those you love and make you happy.
Have a lovely, happy filled week-end everyone.
XX, Ted



Setting the Table Early

Our niece Haley, who recently moved to Seattle from New York had an old high school friend visiting. We really wanted to see them both, share a meal, and catch up. Week night entertaining need not be stressful or impossible with a few plan ahead tips. My #1 ‘stress free entertaining’ thing to do is to set the table in the morning before we head off to work. This actually makes the task enjoyable as you are not watching the clock while you are setting down glasses & silverware waiting for the doorbell to ring. It allows you to walk in the door at the end of a work day and head straight to the kitchen to begin the meal. Last night we had that super simple one pan chicken with Meyer lemons & olives I wrote about the other week. With the table all set, it was just kitchen time and we were relaxed by the time they arrived.








Pink Flowering Currant

20150326-051308.jpg We arrived out to the island mid-day on Sunday to rain. But shortly after we settled in, the sun came out and the light was just so delightful. The greens on the hillside changing tone as the filtered light danced about. That is when I fell in love with our flowering currant. Funny how you see things in a different light, pun sort of intended, and you just see it differently. I had certainly seen it every time we walked down to the house. But that day I took serious notice–what a delicate, delicious little flower. Often times we see the whole picture, but not all the detail. It was yet again another reminder to slow the heck down and look. And savor. Minutes later the sun went away and the drizzly rain returned. But not before I had my moment with the beauty that is the flowering currant.



Design Inspiration in Black, White & Silver

Sometimes all it takes is one image and it gets my mind racing. I took a photo of one of our Diptyque candle displays yesterday and it got me thinking about how classic the color combo of black & white are together. Then I scrolled through photos and was taken in by silver, which also looks grand with the two. From a tableau to product packaging. Be it a creamy white, a tarnished silver or a deep black, whatever the shade or setting–the trio inspires.















St. Vincent

20150324-061615.jpg Movie Monday is a new category for a blog post. We watch lots of movies. Always have. We don’t really go to many movies, but we rent/stream them often. I find watching a film so relaxing. It was a rainy week-end for us out on the island, which makes it even more cozier. Since our week-end is really Sunday and Monday, often times we will watch a movie on the second eve, hence, Movie Monday.

St. Vincent was what caught my eye as I scrolled through the list at the grocery store. Several customers have told me about this film as I was wrapping their gifts. A time I relish as I really have some great conversations with folks while wrapping away. Bill Murray is in this. We would watch any movie Bill Murray is in. Always. He did not disappoint. The movie is funny, sweet and touching. It centers on the relationship of Murray, the cantankerous neighbor who babysits a 12 year old precocious & wise kid after he comes home from school, while his Mom, Melissa McCarthy, is at work. The situations the two get in is the basis of the movie. You will laugh and you will cry. Rotten Tomatoes gave this a 77%, which I think is low. It is not the most complex movie, but it is darn sweet. The closing scene with Murray singing along in bits and pieces to the Dylan song is priceless.

Thought I would also share these amazing red tulips I picked up at the Market on Saturday. Almost peony like. Happy Tuesday all!




Ted’s Tip No. 33

20150323-085758.jpg A good bottle of balsamic can transform so many things. For the easiest, simplest, quickest salad just cut up small tomatoes in half, sprinkle with salt, then drizzle with the balsamic.



A Sunday Thought