From Flower Bucket to Table

August 3, 2015

20150803-082436.jpg It all starts when something catches your eye. These dahlias on Saturday almost had a painterly quality to them. Sort of like the bits of red had been spattered on to them. They would be the centerpiece to our Sunday supper dining table.

20150803-082715.jpg Out came the tablecloth with the red stripes that would play off of those amazing flecks on the blooms. Simple clear drinking glasses would do the trick as I really wanted the flowers to be super low. 2 reasons really. The family we had to dinner had young kids, and I really wanted for them to be able to see everyone at the table. Secondly, there is just something special about glancing down upon a bloom and really being able to take it all in. Each one of these flowers were so unique in their own way, I really wanted each to shine. With the table all set, we were ready to welcome guests for an island afternoon & supper.