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A Simple Recipe for a Happy Life




Inspiration In, You Guessed It, Green

20151030-063821.jpg It all started with being taken by the big myrtle topiaries at Bert’s early yesterday morning when I was picking up paperwhites for the front windows at the Home store. Green had grabbed me again. Then the ornamental kale caught my eye. It certainly could all be influenced by being surrounded by lots of energizing green at Hawthorne for a few weeks, but on this rainy Seattle morning, a little pop of green is going to do the trick.














My Favorite Things Today

Being back at the shops for a few days, they are a flurry of activity. This week before November begins is always non-stop as the amount of merchandise arriving daily is dizzying, which you know makes me deliriously happy. I snapped away a few goodies along the way. Gifts to give, gifts to keep.















Château Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc

20151028-043005.jpg Once again, Kermit Lynch comes to the rescue. I have written a bit before about this legendary wine importer out of Berkeley. If you are ever in that hood, stop into his wine shop too, it is really pretty awesome. The gentleman at the wine shop in Hudson pointed me in the direction of this tasty bottle when I told him we were serving salmon for dinner after enjoying a bottle of Veuve along with an afternoon of laughs & story telling with visiting friends. He thought this was the winner. He was right. It’s a blend of mostly Sémillon, with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. It was perfect with the meal, and it was perfect as we finished up the day sitting on the back porch by the fire.

A word about my Wine Wednesday posts. Often I get e-mails from readers asking where to find a certain wine I write about. My suggestion always is to strike up a conversation with your local wine shop and see if they can get their hands on certain bottles if they don’t stock it. Often times they will work with a certain distributor but not carry the bottle you are looking for, but are happy to bring it in for you on their next order. If they don’t work with that particular distributor, they might be able to point you into the direction of another wine shop or grocer that does. Hope that helps on your search in your neck of the woods.



Apples, Apples & More Apples

20151027-082047.jpg We arrived back to Seattle late last eve. I am sure the TSA folks must have gotten a good chuckle when they screened our checked bag. All those little white pumpkins that were on the picnic table outside, a bag of Seckel pears, a bag of acorns picked up by Mister Sive on his walks, and bag of Hawthorne Valley farm store bagels, a loaf of Mimi’s Little Ghent Farm bread along with jam and chutney she made with the Italian plums from our tree, and apples galore from the farmers market on Saturday. The piece of luggage came in just a tad under the 50 pound allotment. Comical when we opened it up, a sort of farm stand homage. Here is a look at some of those incredibly beautiful apples the Hudson Valley is famous for. Like little works of art.









Ted’s Tip No. 47

20151026-094200.jpg Live with the things you love. Set them out on a counter or tabletop and make a tableau. They bring back memories of trips, gifts received from loved ones–and are just great reminders.



Unexpected Beauty

20151025-084303.jpg There they were, bucket after bucket of them. Such unexpected beauty. Incredible stalks of flowering Brussels sprouts. We went to the Hudson Farmers Market in search of apples of a crisp, which we also found in spades, but this took the top prize for the wow factor. A big stalk came home and was our arrangement on the back porch, where we had a fire roaring the whole day. We feted my friend, author Lisa Birnbach, on the 35th anniversary of her best-selling book, The Official Preppy Handbook. She drove up from the city for the day with her partner Michael, to hang with us at Hawthorne. The flowering sprout looking over our group as we chatted & laughed the afternoon away. Beauty abounds, we just need to keep our eyes open and be on the look-out. Tonight we will roast all the Brussels sprouts from the stalk. Best 4 bucks we have spent in a good long while…





A Saturday Thought

20151024-064326.jpg I saw this yesterday after my post with the image of the tree. Thought this was the perfect follow-up.

Happy Saturday all!
Sending tons of love.
From the glorious Hudson Valley,



The Dance of the Autumn Leaves

20151023-072625.jpg Watching the leaves change color these past weeks has been like watching nature do its poetic dance. You don’t want to blink for fear of missing a single moment. Energizing and peaceful at the same time. It is a reminder. Nature does not fret, nor worry. Our sped up world can cause us to do both over the littlest things. We must take our cue from those falling leaves, finding joy in the simplest of things.



More White Pumpkin Love

20151022-063155.jpg The pumpkin love continues. Pumpkins seem to be everywhere we turn in the Hudson Valley, which has been so cool. The creamy white variety will always be my favorite–I like the simplicity of them. We have been having so much fun driving around all the country roads in search of places that sell the beauties, picking them up here and there. The small ones coming back in my suitcase to continue the love in Seattle.