Country Pumpkins / City Pumpkins

November 1, 2015

20151101-085538.jpg Happy November 1st everyone! The white pumpkin love continues. I think the reason I am drawn to the white variety the most is because they are so versatile. They speak more of Autumn to me than just Halloween. They work right through to Thanksgiving. The above picnic table at Hawthorne getting a line-up so we could enjoy the simplicity of them from the back porch. They then got packed up in our suitcase and made their way to Seattle. These are some well-travelled pumpkins! Sadly, the stems did not make it in the journey. Most popped off. They then were called into action for a dinner we hosted last eve for an old friend whose company I represented when I had my wholesale showroom, artist Jody Isaacson, along with a fun assortment of longtime friends of hers. She is in town for her show at the Greg Kucera Gallery. It was such a fun night! The pumpkins nestled about the table with white dahlias here and there. They will be enjoyed for the majority of this month, ending with Thanksgiving dinner. So very much pleasure derived from these beauties.