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Ted’s Tip No. 57

20160229-074506.jpg Pots of herbs can be picked up for a song at garden centers as well as many grocery stores. They are incredibly handy in the kitchen where you can snip and use the herb as you need it when cooking, plus they give you an energizing hit of green in the space.



Buckets of Hyacinth

Spring is in the air! My Saturday morning stroll of the Market had me giddy from all the buckets of hyacinth I laid my eyes on. Their unmistakable scent wafting about. The variety of colors is what grabbed my attention most. Hyacinth, in many shades, for you this fine Sunday.








A J.F.K. Saturday Quote




A Quick Window Refresh

20160226-071520.jpg Changing out the windows and keeping things nice and fresh is akin to what we all can do at home when you have a few moments. Moving things around does not always mean having to move the big pieces. For these windows, I left all the bones in place. I kept the tables, lamps, chairs and mirror right where they had been. Only the small items were replaced. It is amazing how different they look and feel with only swapping out goods from the shop floor. For home, just changing out or moving around accessories/objects can give you an instant refresh to a room, which can take little to no time.




The Ethereal & Whimsical Works of Virginia McCracken

Over the moon to be showing and selling the works of Virginia McCracken. We first saw her pieces when we were in Santa Barbara a few years back and have never been able to get them out of my head. Fast forward to a few months back when my friend Liberty contacts me and says I have to meet this artist, who is a friend of hers, whose work she thinks I will adore and would be perfect for Watson Kennedy. LOVE when things work out like that!

From her website:
Virginia McCracken is a Santa Barbara–based artist who creates small-scale assemblages …. imaginary worlds inside boxes that are inhabited by paper mache figures. The expressively detailed characters are of unknown species, generally related to cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, but not quite, and sometimes not at all. She creates evocative habitats for these creatures, some minimal and mysterious, others crafted like stage sets or rooms. There are no explicit stories, although a hint of narrative is often contained in the titles. The characters are sometimes engaged in activity or relationship, but some are contemplative and alone. The miniature works have been described as whimsical and touching, humorous, as well as dark. The artist is inspired by make-believe and the notion of secret interior worlds. The viewer must step up close because of the small scale and is drawn into the intimate, ethereal realm of each piece and into his or her own story.​








Buckets of Tulips

It is still February and I feel like we have already been privy to some out of this world tulips. The field tulips are still on their way, but the hothouse tulips that have been ‘wowing’ us since December have just been something else. Here is a look back at some of my favorite buckets to date this year.









INNA Pickle Salt-Preserved Meyer Lemon

20160223-060046.jpg This time of year I crave citrus. Meyer lemons head to the top of my list. New to the shop shelves are these salt preserved Meyer lemons from the folks at INNA pickle. They are also the makers of one of my very favorites, INNA jam. Aside from the clever naming, what is inside all their bottles is pure heaven. These Meyer lemons so handy to have around for a host of cookery delights, where the entire lemon becomes edible. I chopped up a few last week when roasting a big sheet pan of cauliflower along with a handful of capers. The three cooked together, melding a bit of sweet & sour to create a lovely trio which I served next to a chicken breast. Plus I love the look of the bottles–making them a cool gift to give to those you know with a culinary bent.



Ted’s Tip No. 56

20160222-114055.jpg A single spectacular vase of flowers can work overtime by being called into action in various situations. Set it on the dining table for meals, move it to the coffee table when you are visiting with guests, and place it on your bedside table when reading.




A Treasure Tucked Here & There

20160221-091932.jpg The last few days we have been unpacking vintage goods acquired over the last months. My search for the unique is constant, so often times I will acquire things that don’t immediately find their way out into the shop floors. We are also always on the hunt when we are back East, so our suitcases are quite often jam packed when we return. Hunt & gather being the consistent theme. Then things like a painting will get tucked here or there into a display, adding another layer of visual interest. The same is very much true for all of us at home. Spaces evolve over time, and often that does not mean it has to be an entire room re-do. By picking up an object that catches your eye or finds a way into your heart and incorporating that into your existing room scheme, it adds another layer of visual interest to your space while barely breaking a sweat. Little or no furniture moving involved.



A Saturday Thought