A Week-end Full of Hearts

February 13, 2016

20160213-055402.jpg As we would ring customers through with their purchases yesterday, I would say good-bye with a, “Have a lovely Valentine week-end!” I think Valentine’s Day is so much more than just the focus on an individual you love. I have always taken it to be a time of love and showing it to all those around you that you care for.

20160213-055923.jpg This might stem from the days when I was little and you gave everyone in your class a Valentine card. I would come home from school with a slew of cards and it always made me so happy.

20160213-060128.jpg In our world where loving one another is so often not the focus, let’s revel in this. This week-end, and really every day. This is just a great starting point. To show caring, kindness and love.

20160213-060805.jpg Sending you all the happiest Valentine’s Day wishes and tons of love. You are all my Valentine…