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A Table for Two, or Many

20160531-055105.jpg Our ritual of bringing the dining table outside for the warm months happened yesterday. Out comes a little table we have up in the shed that replaces it inside and the long zinc model becomes al fresco central. I write about this as outside dining is such a lovely thing in my book. We are always looking for ways to enjoy a meal in the sun or as the sun goes down, be it a picnic or full-on, table set meal. Rather than have a table outside part of the year in the rain, we like the idea that it is our ‘everyday’ dining table. Where is this post going, you ask? It really is just a reminder to us all to grab a spot in the breeze and take a few moments, many really, and enjoy the heck out of a meal outside. There are lots of ways to do it, I just thought I would share ours that we enjoy so much. That table for two last eve will be filled with many friends this Summer sharing a meal, creating wonderful memories.

The first batch of notes/letters arrived on Saturday. Major happiness. I sat in my favorite chair by the fire at WestWard last night after dinner and read through them. You have no idea–well, that is silly, I think you probably do–how much I enjoyed reading them. From Arizona, to Kansas, Florida, D.C. and many points in between, what a joy. Loved it! Keep them coming. Thank you SO much!!!



A Day to Remember, A Day to Give Thanks




Ted’s Tip No. 65

20160529-094747.jpg The first of the letters/notes started arriving and I could not be happier. My tip today is pin correspondence up on the wall or cork board, wherever you like best, and treat that beautiful envelope like a piece of art. Add many or just a few. They will be such a swell reminder of a lovely gesture that you can be reminded of each time you glance at it.



A Saturday Thought




A Sea of Peonies

A quick run to get lunch yesterday and I was diverted to the sea of peonies that were just calling my name at the stall of my favorite flower vendor. Dreamy. #PeonyLove






Surrounding Ourselves with Beauty

The idea of each of us surrounding ourselves with beauty is so much of what I try to capture on the daily blog post. As well as reminders for all of us to be on the look-out for it, in many things, in many ways. For each of us, beauty can have a different meaning. For some, a big slightly wilting bundle of tulips can be poetic and capture our heart, while some might not find that appealing. I try and show you what makes my heart sing (be it a person, place or thing) in hopes that it sparks in all of us to be looking/searching for those moments surrounding you that bring happiness & beauty in our day. Here is my final look back over the last 5 years of a few things that made me smile and brought me huge happiness.

















20160526-074057.jpg Getting very excited to receive your letter, note or card in the mail…
X’s & O’s,



The Small Moments

We flew to Seattle on Monday eve. The two weeks in New York full and always energizing. Funny though, dare I say, as the days progress (I am trying not to say the older we get) the time difference and flight back effects us both a tad more than it ever used to. The ‘jet lag’ had me a bit foggy when I wrote the post yesterday morning, and I thought when heading down to the shop in the taxi, “I did not stress the small moments enough” as the bigger, milestone moments were more the focus. The big moments seem to be the markers of time to me, but it is the focusing in on the daily small moments and little things that make up a truly full & rich life.

The re-adjusting to the time has me wide awake at 2:30 this morning, so the post will be up quite early. The emphasis on the small moments at this quiet hour seems very appropriate. A sort of perfect Thoreau quote to start us off and a continued look back over the last 5 years in honor of that marker.



















P.S. The next installment of the Pottery Barn shoot at Hawthorne is now up. Click here to check it out!



5th Anniversary of My Daily Blog + A Request

Wow. Just wow. Crazy to think 5 years ago today have passed since that first blog entry in 2011. Titled Here we go! I don’t think I had any idea what was ahead. What began as a small idea/way to share thoughts & ideas about life, has become such an important part of my life. A gift really. Rarely a day passes that I don’t receive an e-mail, note, phone call or have a conversation with someone who follows along about how they enjoyed a recipe, pondered on a quote, found beauty in a flower image, re-arranged their living room with great success, connected with a thought, set a creative table, or just slowed down a bit to take in the moment. Bringing you all joy is what brings me so much joy. It is a pretty great circle, one that I had no idea would ever be as wide reaching or as meaningful to us both on that very first day. For that I thank you. It really has been such an honor. I look forward to the next 5 years with you all!

So many things transpired in all of our lives these past 5 years. The next few days of posts I will look back a bit and remember some of those times. Memories really can be such a glorious thing, of both the good and not so good. I sometimes think of them sort of like a movie or book of our life. While moving forward is vital, remembering our past enriches our future. Many of you have been along for some of my/our journey these past 5 years–from adventures to here and there, to new shop windows, us getting married, to the passing of a best friend, a new store item favorite, the experience of getting my book published from start to finish, to making a house a home. The list goes on and on.

So now my request. To mark the passing of these 5 years, I would love to hear from you–in the form of a note, card, or letter. By now, you know how much I love receiving as well as sending correspondence in the mail. It does not need to be lengthy, but certainly can be if inspired to do so. When in the past I have received a note or letter that touched me, I have pinned it to the board in my office. As well as turned it into a gallery to the side of my desk on the wall. I would like to do the same with your note. For those of you who have ever been to my shop on First Avenue, and for those of you who have not, there is a long row of Veuve Clicquot bottles that surround the upper shelf where my office sits. They are from both my 40th and 50th birthday parties, which were at that shop. I look at them every day I am there and am reminded of those parties and the friends that attended and it is such an awesome memory. That is what I would like to do with your note. Have it become part of the awesome memory of these last 5 years. I want to pin them around the shops so I can look at them always, as a reminder.

What should be in that note, you ask? Truly whatever you would like. Tell me about yourself. What brings you joy? Tell me about your family, your pet. A favorite recipe tried. A quote that has meaning to you. It can be a sentence or many. It will be the action and thought that counts. From near or far, they will all have great meaning and be very special to me.

I would LOVE to hear from each and every one of you. It will be such a grand gift, which will bring me such happiness. Please post to:
Ted Kennedy Watson
1022 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America

Now onto a few favorite images from the past few years…













The Trade Secrets Goods in Action

20160523-080055.jpg Turning a house into a home is a process. In my mind, it takes times to create layers. Those layers are what tell the story of the life you have lived/are living in that home. Filling spaces with objects of meaning is a continuing process. Sort of like putting together a puzzle. An ongoing puzzle that gets more interesting as it is being worked on. The pieces I picked up for us in Connecticut the other week-end are things I will always look back on with the memory of that place, time and experience. They have become pieces in our Hawthorne puzzle that have many uses, as well as look swell just lounging.

20160523-080801.jpg Case in point, the glass battery jar. It will live for now on top of the shelf in the dining room being flanked by the marble urns also picked up that day. But the jar was called into action on the dining table when the lilacs bloomed this week in the front yard.


20160523-081151.jpg The big handled bucket will live on the back porch for the moment adding a sculptural element to the room. It was filled with ice and wine bottles for the birthday party we hosted the other week-end. We will end up using this for a ton of things over time.

20160523-081402.jpg And lastly the English watering can. We put it to good use each day to water the plants we enjoyed inside on this stay, which TPS planted yesterday. The watering can just looking cool all in its own when not in use right outside next to the picnic table. All things we will use in many ways, adding a new layer to the experience of being at Hawthorne.



A Sunday Thought