The Traveling Peonies

May 3, 2016

20160503-062707.jpg It started with these 6 blooms. Fully enjoyed for the day for all to see on Saturday at the Market shop. They then were packed up and headed to the island. For as fragile and delicate as they look, these peonies are pretty hearty little things. They graced the dining table, savored as they opened and closed as the room heated up or cooled off. As many of you know, the color scheme out at WestWard is red, white and blue, with the occasional hit of yellow thrown in. But these were just too amazing to pass up. Off came the blue striped tablecloth leaving just the zinc top exposed. Then the creamy white English plates were set, along with a white napkin, the bamboo handled cutlery along with clear glassware and the peonies had found a home for the week-end. Well-traveled and oh so loved.