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Lily Love

Flower Friday is a little lily love. The Market stalls were packed with them, the scent heavenly. Such a treat to buy a few stems and place them here & there and watch the magic happen as they start to unfurl.



Flowering Herbs

Herbs can produce some pretty awesome flowers. We have a bunch of herb pots out on the island that just go nutty during the warm months. The above stellar bloom from some sage that greeted us on Sunday morning when we arrived. TPS snipped it for me and it found a place of honor on the table. As Matisse said, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”



Just In, Our 2018 LJF Calendar Towels

Just In, our beloved towels arrived from France the other day. Box after box filled with our Le Jacquard Francais 2018 calendar towels. Each year they arrive a bit earlier and each year I order more & more and each year we sell these beauties out earlier. I love how many have started a collection over the years. They make stellar gifts too. We had the great pleasure of watching LJF towels being made at the factory in France years back. What an amazing process. Might just be the best $26 value we have in the shops, as these dishtowels are workhorses, while looking pretty darn swell in the process.

Happy Wednesday all. Hope everything is grand in your world! X, T



Ted’s Tip No. 103

The simplicity and beauty of the egg. When a recipe calls for an egg or eggs, leave them on the counter to take off the chill from being in the fridge. Plus you get the extra added bonus of being able to visually enjoy them in the process while you cook away.



A Fishy Table for Deux

Often it is one element that can start a table setting. In this instance, oversized French dishtowels with fish swimming all over them that are new to the shops was the driving force. I ended up using them almost like a runner or placemat, laying them side by side over an actual table runner. That got the whole ‘fish’ themed idea off and running. The hydrangea that were a gift last week truly being the gift that keeps on giving, as they made the ferry ride over to the island dotting the middle of the setting. A crazy beautifully sunny & warm evening supper for two was on the menu as we watched the boats sail on by.



A Sunday Thought



A Natural Beach-y Window

It was a sunny, sunny Seattle day yesterday with the beach being on the mind of many. The window Heather & I put together on Thursday a nod to Summer. Often one item can spark the direction of where a display will head. Many times for the windows, a lamp becomes the driving force. In this case, the quite large robe lamp was it. From there, we just start pulling and placing things that compliment it, which starts telling a bit of a visual story. Much in the same way decorating a room would evolve, with one piece of furniture often dictating the direction the rest of the pieces will follow. The sun shining so bright it causes a reflection of the ‘Watson Kennedy’ onto the back wall, almost like a watermark. The large vessel that is truly one of my favorite things at the shop, finally getting to take center stage. The natural sea sponges placed here & there a nod to the theme and tone of the rest of the goods.



Blooms, 3 Ways

There are so many ways to enjoy flowers, and this week it included 3 ways that they found their way into our world.

Out on the island, simple but oh so regal and ever fragrant grocery store lilies from the Vashon Thriftway graced our outside dining table. 2 vintage blue Ball jars, each with a stem in it, and we were set.

Dinner at our friends Peg & Brian’s home where the first of the season hydrangea from their garden graced the table where we enjoyed dinner under the stars. Big treat–Peg prepared a bundle for us to take home to enjoy as we were departing.

And lastly, but certainly not least, the end of season peony. I am amazed that there are so many still around the Market stalls. But I will take it! 

Be it the grocery store, a garden, or a farmers market, may your Flower Friday include a bloom or two, or many…



Classic Style by Kate Schelter

A fun new book is on the way to the shops. Classic Style by Kate Schelter, who is an artist, creative director and stylist. My first introduction to Kate’s work was through my friend Rita Konig, who shows her work on her website. The book is about style in many forms–how we dress, how we furnish our homes, the gifts we give. From the book: “The key to personal style is simple: Forget what’s cool and trust your gut. The magic is in your mix. When you draw confidence from your classics–the pieces that you come back to again and again–your style is your own. Classics let you do more, and be more, with less.”

A fun thing incorporated throughout the pages is a questionnaire of some of her friends, with one being from Rita. I always love reading about the details of folks lives. So often we know the big picture, I find it fascinating to know the little details that make their heart sing. Just for fun, I answered a bunch of the questions. This would be an interesting thing to do at your next dinner or cocktail party with friends.

Oldest Item In Your Wardrobe  A black cashmere overcoat that was my grandfathers.

Wristwatch  A gold Rolex that was my 21st birthday present from my parents that I have worn every day since.

Fragrance  Diptyque Philosykos.

Everything Goes Better With  A smile.

Sentimental Gift You’ve Received  A piece of artwork each year from my husband on our anniversary. This coming January is 30 years!

Favorite Place In The World  Wherever TPS & Bailey are.

Dishes  A mix of vintage English and a set of all-white we have had for 25+ years.

Favorite Hotel  Hotel Le Tourville in Paris. We painted our bedroom at The Gainsborough the same yellow as one of our favorite rooms we stayed in there.

Favorite Restaurant  Spinasse & Cafe Campagne in Seattle. Prune & Buvette in New York.

Go-To Drink  Hendricks and Fever-Tree with a cucumber slice.

Luggage  A Filson roller bag.

Favorite Font  Times New Roman

Preferred Method Of Correspondence  A hand-written note, but sometimes a text slips in too.

Can’t Cook Without  Good salt. Maldon and Jacobsen.

Favorite Color  Green with orange a close runner-up.

Beloved Movie  The Royal Tenenbaums 

Design Idol  Albert Hadley

Flowers  No conceivable way I could choose just one. Tulips, peony, hydrangea, roses, dahlias.

Makes You Feel At Home  Lighting a candle and having flowers scattered about in single stem vases.



Ottolenghi Inspired Potato Salad

Often a photo of something can spark my imagination. I follow Yotam Ottolenghi on Instagram and he posted a photo of what looked to be coarse grain mustard studded potato salad with fresh peas strewn throughout. I did a quick Google search and could not for the life of me locate any such recipe of his. So I improvised. I do love a good recipe but it is also fun and gets my creative juices flowing to just try making something as you go. Our friend CoCo was up from Portland visiting us this week-end so we grocery shopped & cooked dinner together. I roasted a chicken and this potato salad nestled right up to it perfectly. 

Hard boiled eggs and bacon were added to this to really bump up the heartiness of all this.  Plus we used some of the bacon fat to create the vinaigrette that the warm potatoes soaked up to create the dressing. We had leftovers, as we always cook for an army, and we are having them tonight. I can hardly wait and I just finished breakfast.

Cut up a bunch of green onions, put them in a bowl and cover the onions with rice wine vinegar. This does one of two things. It mellows the onions considerably, and the vinegar takes on some of the onion flavor. The rice wine vinegar will be used later to make the dressing. Set bowl aside. This should sit for at least a half hour. Longer is fine too.

In a large pot, add medium to large sized Yukon gold potatoes (I used 10 medium sized) to the water and bring to a boil. You want the potatoes whole with the skin still on. Using a sharp knife to insert into the potatoes as they cook to check when they are done. You want them a tad firm and not falling apart.

In a small pan add 4 eggs and cover with water. Bring to a boil and let cook for a minutes or two. Then turn the heat off and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 10 minutes. Take them out and run under cold water to stop the cooking process. Set aside. Freshen the water, bring to a boil again, and blanch the peas for just a minute. Take them out, adding running cold water over the colander. Fresh peas cook so quickly, plus they will cook a bit once the warm potatoes hit them. Set aside.

As the potatoes boil away, put a few slices of really good quality bacon in a dry sauce pan on medium heat. I use a kitchen scissor and cut the raw bacon right into the pan. Cook until bacon is done, putting the now nice and browned bacon on a paper towel lined plate. Set aside.

In a really good sized bowl, add 2 super generous spoonful of course ground mustard and 1 of Dijon mustard. Add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of pepper. I know, it is quite a bit, but potatoes need it. Then add the rice wine vinegar that the green onions have been sitting in, letting the onions still sit in the bowl. They have not been called into duty quite yet. Then add some of the bacon fat that the bacon created along with extra virgin olive oil. With a fork or whisk, mix until you are happy with the consistency. This is the dressing for the potatoes, so you want a good amount as they really soak it up. If it is too thick, add more vinegar. If it is too thin, add a bit more bacon fat or more mustard. Try a taste as you go. 

Once the potatoes are done, take them out of the hot water and strain. They will still be pretty hot, but carefully cut them in quarters or slices, whichever you prefer, adding them to the vinaigrette as you cut them. The warm potatoes will soak up quite a bit of the dressing, which is what you want. Then add the bacon, peas, green onions and chopped up eggs. Toss. Have a taste. Does it need more salt or pepper? Maybe yes or maybe no. Then add a few handful of chopped Italian parsley. Toss again. One final taste. There, you did it! You just made one very hearty potato salad. Because this is not made with the traditional mayo, this potato salad can sit out a good long while, making it a lovely addition for a picnic or outside gathering this Summer.