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Hawthorne Moments

It has been such a treat to be here for an extended stay. On this last day of August, we sort of hit it right on as we were hoping, as it was super hot when we first arrived and now there is a slight chill in the air. Autumn is gently gliding in. We have not stayed at the house in September, and I think the fireplace will get a work-out in the evening on the back porch. It has been some lovely time with family & friends. My lower back & knee getting better a bit each day, as I have been laying pretty low. Big THANKS to all who have sent kind words & suggestions. I am feeling all the good vibrations being sent my way. Getting through my big buying show in the city was hurdle number one. Next week we head to Brimfield for vintage WK buying, so I am resting up to be in top form for that. I have been snapping away photos all along the way–life is made up of moments, and we are savoring each and every one.

Much love from the Hudson Valley, Ted2+B



Season Ending Rosé Tasting

I am a bit of a season purist, preferring to enjoy each right up until the day of the change as the calendar represents it. But I also know many folks head right into Autumn mode the day after Labor Day and say ‘so long’ to Summmaaa, and I get that too. This Wine Wednesday post is for both mindsets, one just gets a few more options to offer this rosé tasting. The rosé sections at most wine shops & grocery sections is looking pretty depleted at this point in the season. Now is the time to pick up those singular bottles that have been catching your eye, but you pass on it as you had been seeing your favorite, up until now. We did this on Sunday with a bunch of our nieces at Hawthorne, where we were hosting a slumber party. Starting at lunch, working through supper on into the eve and board games. We all tried a bit from each and our niece Haley took notes along the way on each bottle, so when next year rolls around, we might have a new favorite. It was fun to chat about likes/dislikes and hear how each person described the wine. Our oldest Sive niece Caitlin is an accomplished chef, having prepared a dinner at The James Beard House (sort of a big deal in the foodie world, and I am a super proud Uncle, so thought worth the mention…), so it was a huge learning lesson for us all hearing her describe each wine. Big gathering or small, this is a fun time of year to give this a go. Cheers to Summer, whenever it ends!



The Lovely, Lovely Stems

Water has such a beautiful way of making things appear to be frozen in time. Much is the case with flower stems. Often, the stems can be as spectacular as the blooms. Typically I would clean off all the leaves and such from the stems, but this jumbo bundle of Queen Anne’s lace gathered from a country walk TPS was on seemed to begged to be left just as it was. No arranging in the least–a completely natural free form grouping of the stems. The water magnifying their rugged while still yet dainty simplicity, just as they had been plucked from the earth.



Ted’s Tip No. 112

When hosting large family gatherings, enlist other’s to help make part of the meal. It eases the work, makes family feel included/helpful, plus it is fun to see/taste what creations they will whip up.



A Stroll Through the Hudson Farmers Market

One of my very most favorite-ist things to do when we are at Hawthorne is drive into Hudson on Saturday morning and walk the farmers market. The people watching is top notch, the produce is outstanding, and we always leave with bounty for the upcoming week. This post is an ode to the farmer’s that do these markets, not just in Hudson, but all over the globe. I have such immense respect for their hard work and their ability to make what they are selling look like works or art. Because they are. Next time you walk a market, have your eye and your mind-set be like that of going to a gallery and seeing the work of an artist where every detail counts–the weave of the baskets of garlic, the leaves on the celery, the grain of the weathered wood on the bins that hold the fruit, all the varying shades of red in a cart of tomatoes. I promise you will leave feeling inspired.



A Saturday Quote



Those Hydrangea In Action

The weather in our part of the Hudson Valley has been sunny, then a bit of heavy rain, hot, followed by a few cool days. Perfect weather to keep our beloved hydrangea happy as a clam. As promised, this Flower Friday are the blooms in action in the house. The above and below large zinc container the perfect vessel to hold a crazy number of stems and is making us deliriously happy seeing it each time we are out on the back porch. Others placed here & there continue the flower love.



Pyrrha at Watson Kennedy 

Always such a treat to see the new works by many of the artisans whose work we sell at WK when I am buying at the shows. Pyrrha is one such example, as I am always so excited to see what new creations they bring. Handcrafted using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era, Pyrrha talismans protect, celebrate and inspire the wearer. Their work has graced our cases for over 15 years, creating many happy customers with their soulful necklaces. I always love when someone comes in years later and shows me a piece they tell me they have worn every day since.



August Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs

This is the time we wait for all Summer when the farm stands are brimming with fresh tomatoes in all sorts of colors, shapes & sizes. It is also when herbs are growing like weeds and you want to use them in every possible thing, in every possible way.

Slicing the tomatoes up and having them simply with sea salt is about as easy and satisfying as it gets. The purity & simplicity hard to beat. Then try tearing up tarragon with a splash of white wine vinegar for a twist. Or serve with mozzarella or burrata along with basil for a Caprese twist. Bathed in just the very best extra virgin olive oil is sublime as well as a heavy hand with the balsamic. However you chose to slice it, enjoying the heck out of them this time of the season is just pure joy.



A Day at Market

A day at Market, a day in New York, a day surrounded by visual treats galore. Throw in a quick trip to the chiropractor and all in all, it was a pretty swell day of buying at the show. Excited for Day 2 to begin! And only in NYC would they jackhammer in front of the hotel at 3 o’clock in the morning, SO I thought I would take this time to do an early post, heat up the heating pad for my lower back, and go through e-mails. My hunting & gathering went incredibly well and here is just a tiny part of what caught my eye and will be heading to the shops and website shortly.

Happy Tuesday all!