Tulips & Amaryllis

November 29, 2019

A big bundle of tulips and a potted amaryllis are our Flower Friday blooms for the week. They set the tone for a cozy, candlelit supper the eve before Thanksgiving. Some dear friends were hosting so we were task free and determined to enjoy every relaxed minute after a crazy busy few days. The tulips a gift from our beloved Heather to me on my birthday last Saturday. She has given me a fab bunch for close to 20 years now. A tradition I cherish. Flowers can bring such happiness. Also on the table a plant that has a Christmas tree vibe to it. Completely forgot the name after the lovely woman at the grocery store told it to me. We will have a tree at Hawthorne, so this sweet thing will sub in for our city tree. The table ablaze with candles. Hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped it would be. Happy start to a grand week-end!