Homemade Pizza

July 1, 2020

Wine & Dine Wednesday is not so much about a certain recipe. But it is about a gadget I bought for Mister Sive on his birthday that we took for a spin the other eve which was quite fun and the pizzas were awesome. As you know if you have followed along for awhile, good pizza is a very deal in the Watson Sive household.

I say ‘we’ took it for a spin, but it was me watching while TPS did all the work! He is, after all, the grill master in the family. This is in no way a paid advertisement, but you know I do love to share a good thing. An ad popped up on my Instagram feed several months ago, from a KettlePizza. It is an attachment you add to a Weber charcoal grill (they do one for gas grills, as well) to turn it into a pizza oven. Instantly I thought this would be the perfect birthday gift for my husband. Within a week it arrived.

The whole thing is pretty nifty. It came with everything needed to quickly convert the grill into a pizza oven. Pepperoni is always at the top of our list, so it was his inaugural try. Then up, a mozzarella based Italian sausage with golden beets, chèvre, thyme. Topped with arugula when it came out of the pizza oven. They both were soooooo good. If you are looking for a cool, super usable gift to give this Summer, or just want one for yourself to add to your alfresco repertoire, this is the ticket.