Braised Slaw

January 13, 2021

Mister Sive is at the helm today with his ‘Braised Slaw’ on this Wine & Dine Wednesday. It is so tasty. He made it to go alongside a pork chop and mashed potatoes, along with a lovely red. Take it away TPS!

Ted and I both love cabbage. I grew up with it as a staple of winter diet, and I turn to it often as a hearty vegetable in both raw and cooked forms. This version is a particularly yummy accompaniment to pork dishes, with a pleasant tang mixing well with the deep savory of the meat and the sweet and salty mashed potatoes. This dish can be made with either white or red cabbage, or, as we did last tonight, a mixture of both! As with most all of my recipes, proportions can vary widely, to your taste. These proportions here will feed four folk a healthy-sized serving.

Trim the outer leaves and halve a head of cabbage (or two quarters). Slice the cabbage on the long dimension into thin strips, a titch less than a ¼ inch wide, for a total of 4 cups or so. Place your heaviest pot or skillet over high heat, and pour ¼ cup of olive oil into the pan. Just as the oil is hot and starting to spatter, add in a tablespoon of fennel or caraway seed. Heat the seeds for 30-60 seconds, until just browning, and then add the cabbage. Immediately, and continually, stir the cabbage to cook evenly and “pull up” the seeds into the cabbage so they don’t burn on the bottom of the pan. 

Sauté the cabbage until wilted and just starting to turn color, maybe 2-3 minutes. Add several good glugs of balsamic vinegar, and continue to turn and mix with your long set of tongs. The vinegar will immediately steam and reduce; cook until the cabbage and balsamic start to caramelize, perhaps another 1-2 minutes, and serve immediately.

Here’s to hearty and heart-warming winter meals!