More Lovely Lilacs

May 7, 2021

Flower Friday all about the quick timeframe of lilac season and how you must grab the utmost enjoyment out of it while you can. Their beauty both taken in by the eyes and nose. The other day I could smell them the minute the elevator door opened onto our floor. This a mixed variety given as a gift from our beloved friends Peg & Brian, after we had alfresco drinks and dinner at their home last Saturday. The blooms not as perky as when they first arrived home, the dance coming to a close, their exquisiteness still a showstopper when we round the corner into the living room. I love how the growing season varies by region. While it is waning here in the Pacific Northwest, fingers crossed it is beginning in the Hudson Valley. We head back on Tuesday and hope to experience the season all over again. I’ll keep you posted. Hope everyone has a lovely May Mother’s Day week-end. T2+B