A Birthday Table in Greens

May 25, 2021

The week-end was all about celebrating Mister Sive and his birthday. Dear old friends who live about an hour away came for Sunday supper to toast him. We had spent the day before meandering down to Millbrook to do a little exploring, shopping and to pick up his birthday cake. I have been following this amazingly talented baker, Elizabeth Mayhew, aka The Dutchy of Millbrook. She is a design maven as well as uber talented baker. She is the design contributor on the TODAY Show. I had sent her an image of a French lettuce plate that was a gift to us. She recreated it in spectacular fashion. The carrot cake interior tasted as fab as the outside looked. So it was an all-green table, I know, surprise, surprise. We feel like we are making up for lost time, as we were not at Hawthorne at all last year. It was a day, actually make that the entire week-end, filled with love and gratitude. And cake!