A Season Ending Tomato Sandwich

September 28, 2021

The tomatoes out on the island and back East in the Hudson Valley were just stellar this year. We used them tons of ways in our cooking these past months, but my favorite was absolutely as a tomato sandwich. As simple as could be, they really highlight the flavor as well as the beauty. Served open faced, you instantly are struck by just how gorgeous they are. Atop good toasted bread, loads of mayo and a heavy hand with the sea salt. The very best of each ingredient vital. We picked this lovely tomato from a beloved farm stand on Vashon Island Saturday eve after we closed up the shops and headed over for our weekend. It stood out among the many, and it did not disappoint. Heavy, heavy rains late Sunday eve played havoc with our power at the house. We headed back into town where lunch was top of the list. It was a perfect way to end the stellar tomato season.