Book Signings Today at Emily Joubert

March 4, 2023

A fun day awaits as I have two book signings, the first at the lovely Emily Joubert in Woodside from 10 to 12:30 and then at their other fabulous location in San Francisco from 2 to 5. If you are in either area, I so hope you stop in and say hi! Signings are such a fab way to meet folks, many times people I have never met in person who I have connected with on social media over the years. For all of you who were able to make it last night to the signing at Denise Fiedler’s divine studio, oh my, what a dream. That was such a special time. What a party! Thank you, thank you. What a special memory. Capped off with a late supper at my beloved Zuni Cafe.

Cheers all! Hope your Saturday is a great one. XX, Ted