Two Cheeses & Jam

April 19, 2023

Wine & Dine Wednesday a go-to in our house when it comes to easy entertaining on what we like to call a ‘school night’ when we have worked a full day and have a full day of work the next day too. But we are excited to have guests over, and we want to put something substantial and tasty out to nibble on while we chat with a cocktail before heading to the dining table for supper. Two cheeses with a jar of really good jam along with a bowl of crackers and we are on our way. We mix up the variety of cheeses as well as jam flavor, but a combo we come back to time and again is a triple crème along with a blue cheese. Saint-André and Stilton favorites. They are very, very different from one another but both quite delicious with a dollop of jam added. Both exquisite just as they are with nothing added too. It is an easy one-two entertaining punch we employ time and again. With much guest happiness along with our own, as we quite love the duo of cheeses as well. I might add a bowl of mixed nuts along with a bowl of olives and anything else we have on hand that looks yummy in the fridge. But if we are pressed for time, the cheese & jam variety will absolutely be loved and all that is needed to kick-off a grand eve with friends.