A Table For Two

August 1, 2023

Monday night is sort of like our Sunday night as our weekend when we are in Seattle or out on the island is Sunday and Monday. Often it is just the two of us (guests are almost always on Sunday) and the day has been super chill and a time to recharge the batteries. But I still want to set the table so we can fully honor the meal. Even if there is no tablecloth or company joining us. Last night it was some lovely red vintage plates we both adore that set the tone along with the glorious dahlias that I picked up in the Market on Saturday. A red & white table it would be. TPS grilled barbecue chicken along with sugar snap peas. He also made a potato salad he has been making for years that is a reminder of his mom. It is a favorite of mine. I love how food can be a reminder of a person. Or a place. Or an event. Happy first day of August everyone!