Scenes From A Family Sunday Supper

August 15, 2023

This past weekend our Sunday Supper out on the island was a gathering of 18 of us for a family get together. With the newest member, Forest Green Hossman, winning our hearts over big time. Could that not be a more perfect Uncle Teds name?! Once again I had my phone put away so images from the divine Clare Higgins who snapped away some gems. Summer pasta was on the menu as the veg at the farm stands was looking spectacular. (Look for the recipe tomorrow on the daily blog post.) As was a G&T bar along with Micheladas and rosé. Niece Haley, who is a baker at SeaWolf, made an out of this world peach & nectarine pie/crumble. It is always a treat to gather with those you love. To see those you have known since birth grow up and prosper as adults and watch the next generation as littles and all the joy that provides. Beach walks and lots of stories and laughter filled the day creating many, many fond memories.