A Labor Day Supper for Two

September 5, 2023

It has been an incredibly busy & full few months with the busiest and fullest ahead in the coming months. So we honored Labor Day by doing a whole lot of nothing. It was awesome. Napping, reading and just chilling in a big way. We never left the house. Our niece came over for dinner the other evening in town and brought pesto she had just made. We whipped up some pasta to have it with the pesto along with a piece of halibut. It was heaven. We brought the leftover pesto pasta to WestWard and had it with TPS grilled steaks, along with island grown tomatoes and corn we picked up at farm stands along the way. My only real activity of the day was setting the table. Still can’t get enough of this patchwork madras tablecloth. A host of blue things got pulled to put it all together. The day was grayish and at times misty so we dined under the eaves. We toasted Bailey. The sun came out. It was a pretty perfect day. I hope yours was too.