The Perfect Yolk

October 18, 2023

Big fan of eggs in our household. All ways really. But a boiled egg, which I love, can be tricky and easy to overcook. Found this chart and thought it incredibly helpful, so wanted to share on the Wine & Dine Wednesday. Be if for a softer egg on a salad Nicoise or a harder boiled egg for egg salad, this chart is pretty spot on. Just remember to get the eggs into an ice bath immediately after the minutes you have cooked them to stop the cooking process. Years ago when I started cooking with much more of a passion, I called my mom and asked her about her method of cooking eggs, having such fond memories of her boiling eggs for egg salad, which she loved to make. She shared with me the 10 minute egg, which I have been doing ever since. Cheers to the perfect yolk!