Paddlefish Love

November 22, 2023

Wine & Dine Wednesday about a combo near & dear to my heart, a baked potato with a big dollop of caviar. Often it is paddlefish, which has become a favorite for its taste and value. I first enjoyed it at a restaurant in Seattle we adore, Lark. They offered a big dollop of the paddlefish set atop a quite crispy potato pancake of sorts. It was heaven. Then I started researching it a bit.

Paddlefish, species polydon spathula, is found in the Yellowstone River and throughout the Mississippi River system. This prehistoric species produces a natural caviar and is very similar in appearance to Caspian Sevruga.

We served little small twice baked new potatoes with a small spoonful of crème fraîche along with a glorious serving of paddlefish the other evening at the WK25 +TKW60 party. Shop lunch on Monday at the Market shop were a few of the leftovers as I was not going to let any go to waste. Caviar always feels celebratory to me. Be it a big party or a solo lunch.