Getting The House Holiday Ready

December 27, 2023

We arrived late Christmas Day to Hawthorne. Slightly bedraggled but also energized to host our family ‘Day After Boxing Day Supper’ on Wednesday. So it was a day of getting the house holiday ready which we both love. Caretaker Bill had things spotless for us so we had a lovely blank canvas to get started. He also picked up a Christmas tree for us and had it lit, as a day turnaround time to host a party and hunting for a tree just not in the cards. A beloved customer of ours in Alaska sent us the most divine halibut her husband caught so that is on the menu today. I like to say “it takes a village” as that is very true in our lives, which we are so ever grateful for.

Sublime potted paperwhites and amaryllis from Cedar Farm dotted here and there. Two small lit tabletop trees, one in the living room and another in the front sunporch give a quick hit of holiday happiness. By the end of the day we were both pretty tuckered out so I only clicked a few pictures. More on the way! This house always hugs us in the biggest way. To be able to fill it with family today and friends the rest of our stay such a highlight to our lives in the Hudson Valley. Oh, did I mention, a puppy might be in our future? Absolutely more on that later too.