A Table in Blue

20140802-040602.jpg An all blue color theme has played a big part of our alfresco table settings this season. I don’t know if it is the light against it, but it just seems to be soothing and invigorating all at the same time. Sunday supper last week was with dear friends who we have a tradition of hosting out on the island on the last Sunday of July each year. This was our 10th year in a row and it was a stupendously sunny Summery day to celebrate our tradition. The blue hydrangea a gift the day before which were incorporated right into the table setting the moment we arrived on Saturday evening. I just cut them quite short and put them in clear drinking glasses so the heads rested right on top of the lip. Such happy flowers dancing down the middle of the table.






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  1. Ted these photos made me swoon. The setting and the blue are absolute perfection! I adore the wine goblets – do you sell those at WK?


  2. Simplicity at it’s best……

  3. Hi Sabrina! Yep, we have some of these fab plates at the shop. Give a call to 206.652.8350 and we can walk you thru sizes and prices. They are amazing! Ted

  4. Ooh! My word this is a stunning table…I often get lost in your tablescapes and this one simply makes my mouth water. The blue is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your simple-yet-elegant-never-fussy style. What an inspiration!

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