The Gift of a Dogwood Branch

20160427-044722.jpg This post is about giving of what we have. It also about this divine Dogwood branch that was a gift to me yesterday by our friends Peg & Brian. The branch broke off in their yard, and they thought of me. So incredibly sweet I get teary just typing this. They knew how much I would appreciate the beauty. They know me well. Sometimes the best gifts come at unexpected times, out of the blue. Often these can be some of the very best gifts. A sign of friendship & love. It could be a book just read passed on to someone you know would enjoy it. Or a beloved sweater outgrown that you know a friend would adore. Or a loaf of just baked banana bread given unexpectedly for no reason. Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, at all times. It means you are giving a part of yourself–truly the best gift you can give.

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  1. Love your Blog. My daughter lives in Seattle and is terribly homesick. When I came to visit,we stopped in your store and we both loved it. She admired your marketing style,
    and I bought her a few things. You were so nice and welcoming. I told her to go back to your store and buy herself a few treats on me!

  2. Love that you both enjoyed your time at the shop. Please have her come in any time if she just wants a bit of happy. Best, Ted

  3. Katherine Baker

    When we lived in Bellevue I discovered your store near Pike’s Place Market. Now when we visit, it’s on my “must do” list. I can’t stop smiling when I’m in your store or when I read your blog. They transport me to a happy place. My daughter’s hoping to move back to Seattle, so I plan to come more often. ; )))

  4. Hope to see you soon! Ted

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