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The Comfort of a Place


20130531-074909.jpg I had to make a quick trip to New York for a meeting yesterday morning. With little time, well actually no time, to plan, I just kind of went on overdrive in the state that we will hopefully soon call our very part-time home. After the plane landed, I hopped the train from Newark into the city. Once at Penn Station, I used my fab Uber app to locate the nearest car in the area to pick me up and take me to Prune. For those of you who have read the blog posts over the past 2 years, you know Prune is a place I hold in the highest regard. I feel so at home in the space. Kind of how I hope friends feel when they are in our home. A place of great familiarity and comfort. I had a sublime meal. Just like always. As well as a lovely chat with the owner Gabrielle. A perfect way to enter the world of New York City. Food, and the remarkable places that create it, makes me feel incredibly comfortable in a place. The next day, before I headed back to the airport I made my way to Buvette. Yes, this was very unexpected, as TPS & I, along with Bailey, had such a memorable breakfast there just last Thursday. This is also a place I feel immensely comfortable in. We so often hear at the shops from customers from both far and near, how much they just like being in the spaces. They love how they feel when they are there. This, of course, is one of the greatest compliments I can paid. Buvette evokes that very same feeling in me. Every detail, and I mean every detail, has been thought through. Attention to great detail takes much work, but the reward is so great. Add to that amazing vibe one seriously glorious meal, and shortly after I was back up in the sky on my way home to Seattle.

It was an up at 5 morning, with many tasks for the day. Fingers crossed–I hope to fill you in on all the details soon…

I am actually tapping this out on the airplane as I look down upon the clouds, saving it on my phone in my notes. Ahhhh, technology. I rarely write a post in advance, but I had a feeling I was going to be quite tired on Friday morning…




A Neruda Thought for Thursday

20130530-051514.jpg You are like my soul, a butterfly of dream.
–Pablo Neruda



Dazzling Design

20130529-053157.jpg We received a fresh shipment of ‘Dazzling Design’ by New York designer extraordinaire, Amanda Nisbet. The first round of her books we received just flew out the door. Amanda, a Watson Kennedy customer, was so lovely to send me signed bookplates, so the copies we sell will have that add. Just a little something extra special, which you know I love. This book is about color. Gloriuos color. Her color sense and wit & whimsy she injects into her interiors makes for a great visual read. Part coffee table book, part design lesson. All fun.



Farmstand Salad Greens

20130528-070729.jpg One of the joys of Vashon Island living is all the delightful organic farms that dot the area. Most have little self serve areas set up so you can stop in at any time and see what offerings they have for sale. Hogsback Farm is one such place, and it is on our way from the ferry to the grocery store, to our house. It is a stop we most always try and make. Salad greens are one of the things available most always. This Sunday a big bag of greens was what struck our eye–each leaf so beautiful. The amount of care given to each packed bag I find so extraordinary. Each little works of art. TPS whipped up a hearty yet simple salad for lunch. He made a vinaigrette of oil & vinegar, with a little salt and pepper. Then he crumbled blue cheese, added toasted slivered almonds and halved our first cherries of the season. Add to that a baguette toasted in the oven after being slathered with Grove 45 extra virgin olive oil, and a hearty healthy lunch it would be.




Designers At Home

20130527-063000.jpg It was fun to arrive back from our New York trip to a table filled with new design books at the shop. There are quite a few fab titles out this season, but there were a few in particular that I was really excited to see. I will highlight others this week too, in addition to this gloriously visual book. ‘Designers At Home’ is a look inside the lives and homes of 50 interesting design folk, the likes of Amanda Nisbet (WK customer), Nicky Haslam, India Hicks, Bunny Williams, and Steven Gambrel. Written by Ronda Rice Carmen, who pens the popular blog, All The Best, which I have been a fan of for quite some time. What I love about this book is it is a look into how creative designers live. A home is such a personal thing, and I think you really see a designers real style by looking into their own home. They get to decorate it just how they want, without limitations. As Martha Stewart writes in the foreword, “I consider this volume a ‘look, study, learn’ book that is neither skimpy nor superficial, but generous and informative.” I had the pleasure of meeting Ronda a few weeks ago. I was working the floor of the Fine Home shop, looked up, and there she was. She was in town promoting her book and stopped in to do a little shopping. What a delightful person, and such a delight to meet her. This is a gem of a book.

Happy Memorial Day–may it be a day filled with remembrance, and all that you want it to be.



Prancing Poppies

20130526-052848.jpg The poppies were out in all their glory yesterday in many of the flower stalls at the Pike Place Market. The sun beating down on them creating such an interesting color. They are such delicate, wispy delights. The petals paper thin with an almost otherworldly quality to them. I particularly like seeing them when they are in tight bud form, knowing what awaits when they begin to open and do the poppy dance. I asked the lovely grower/seller if she would include a few unopened stems in my bunch. The mix of opened and closed looked quite swell in a simple vase simply arranged at the Living shop for all to enjoy on a bustling Saturday.




A Saturday Quote

20130525-081618.jpg “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” – John Keats

Happy Saturday!



TKW Blog Celebrates Two Years Today!

20130524-082731.jpg A rather large storm hit New York at just the time we were waiting to get picked-up yesterday to be taken to the airport. The timing was comical, as we got soaking wet loading in our luggage and running out to the waiting car. And then the thunder hit. Sopping wet sitting in our seats, we inched along 7th Avenue for close to an hour, trying to reach the Holland Tunnel. Poor Bailey shook with fear, as thunder is one of the few things that rattle her. What usually takes 45 minutes to get to the airport took close to 2 hours. Which ended up not being a problem in the least, as our flight was delayed by 4 hours. I must say, getting into bed at 2 this morning felt pretty darn good! It is always so good to be home.

I woke up this morning realizing that today marks the second anniversary of the daily blog. Where does the time go? I want to thank each and every one of you who check in to read it. It has become something that fits into my daily routine that I look so forward to writing each morning. Never in a million years would I have guessed that it would have been read by folks in over 40 countries. I still get choked up when someone tells me a story about how they roasted a chicken from my recipe and adored it or bought a bunch of tulips and scattered them individually about their home at my suggestion. It all brings me such joy. That 2 years has passed since that very first entry, is a reminder to me that if you want to do something, do it. Life is about singular moments, and I feel so privileged to be able to share some of mine with you. In doing so, my hope is that it gets all of us slowing down a bit and becoming aware of all the small, glorious details that fill our lives each day.
Sending much love & thanks from Seattle, Ted



NYC Love

20130523-090604.jpg We fly home this evening, so it is our last day here in New York. Breakfast at Buvette in a bit, then meandering around the West Village. Funny how this has become a routine, but this is what we almost always do on our last day in this city that has an incredibly special place in my heart. Thank you for following along these last 11 days. It has been a memorable trip, and so lovely knowing you all are with me in some way.
XX, Ted



Blogfest on Design

20130522-082015.jpg The last 2 days have been action packed. I have been attending the Blogfest on Design, which is an event hosted by the wonderful Kravet fabric company. It all started off at the Kips Bay Showhouse on Monday, finishing up with studio tours at Kravet yesterday. With tons of interesting things in between. Here is a quick look at some of those events.

20130522-082437.jpg An afternoon was spent at the Hearst building and offices for an introduction and look into the world of the HGTV magazine.

20130522-082616.jpg The magazine is fairly new to the market, but it has just taken off and is immensely popular. After meeting the incredibly upbeat editor, I can see why. Her positive energy & attitude infuse the colorful, idea filled magazine.

20130522-082859.jpg A yummy lunch was served and we were treated to a presentation by Thom Filicia, later being joined for a panel discussion with Alexa Hampton. What an energetic duo they are.

20130522-083224.jpg Fab hot pink with a smidge of green to mimic the pink and green chairs at the lunch. Great attention to detail.

20130522-083423.jpg With a lively cocktail party at the antique emporium Newel. I use the word emporium because the word store does not even begin to cut it. Newel is 5 huge floors filled with world class antiques. I have never seen anything even close to that scale of antiques in one setting. Kind of mind blowing, really.


20130522-083850.jpg Beautiful vignettes are set up on the first floor, along with incredible artwork at every turn.

20130522-084017.jpg Loved this idea from the cocktail party. Crudités set about on a flat bed of grass. So clever, so creative.

20130522-084222.jpg A highlight of the 2 days was meeting Aerin Lauder, who presented her new line with Lee Jofa. What a cool gal. Here new fabrics are just stunning. They work beautifully along with her new brand of lifestyle goods, Aerin. It was such a pleasure meeting her.

20130522-084616.jpg One of her new Lee Jofa fabrics.



20130522-084839.jpg Touring the Kravet studios is such a visual experience. Above are some of my favorite fabrics I spotted.

20130522-085004.jpg It was such a fun 2 days filled with tons of interesting people and experiences. The best!

20130522-085145.jpg I then met Ted and Bailey at Eataly and we picked up things for a meal outside at Madison Square park. If you have not yet been to Eataly, put it on your list, for sure. Another mind boggling experience of LOTS. Packed with food, packed with people–really an amazing spot.

More NYC adventures tomorrow. I wonder why I am really tired when my head hits the pillow each night…