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A Monday Quote

20130930-053758.jpg Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.



The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

20130929-060216.jpg Yesterday was such a rainy day. At one point when I was working the Market shop, I looked outside and thought I had never seen it rain so hard in Seattle. It has been quite a week and I could not wait to get home, light candles, and be enveloped in the warmth of home.

20130929-060544.jpg Lighting candles to me almost becomes a meditation. The striking of the match, bringing that flame to the wick, creating more flame, light and warmth.


20130929-060900.jpg While many would think it a chore (there are quiiiite a few candles to be lit) I find it incredibly relaxing. It clears my head. Candle light feeds my soul. A simple act that brings so much joy.



Beeswax Dipped TruBee Honey Bottles

20130928-075534.jpg These insanely gorgeous beeswax dipped TruBee honey bottles arrived the other day. So good they almost make me weep. By now, you all know how excited stuff like this gets me. I love selling beautiful things, and this most certainly goes very close to the top of the list. Perfect to take as a host/hostess gift instead of a bottle of vino. Just think of all the enjoyment the recipient will get from having this usable object out on the counter and looking at it with a smile and thinking of you, the giver. Each bottle of TruBee honey captures the essence of nature in a particular place and time. Given changes in rainfall, sunshine and bloom time, each vintage is unique. Full of nuance, this 100% pure honey is raw and harvested by American beekeepers focusing on indigenous, sustainable nectar sources that are healthy for honeybees. Definitely what is in the bottle is every bit as sublime as the bottle. Plain and simple, all good stuff.



Apothecary Jars & Bowls of Things



20130927-091549.jpg Pictured above and below are some of my favorite things I snapped images of over the last few weeks at the shops. When I was scrolling through looking at photos, I realized all of these things were in a container. Either an oversized apothecary jar or a bowl. It got me thinking of the power of multiples and how strong visually any one thing can be when you see many of them at the same time–think strength in numbers. It is something I do time and time again at the shops, and it is something you can adopt quite easily when playing around with things in your home. If you have many of one thing, group them together for a pleasing display on a tabletop or bookshelf.





Trophy Cupcakes & Parties Book

20130926-065457.jpg Trophy Cupcakes & Parties!, the new book out this week by Seattle cupcake maker extraordinaire, Jennifer Shea, is filled with tasty ideas–on how to make the perfect cupcake, of course, but also ideas on how to throw the perfect party. I have long had a love for Trophy cupcakes, serving them at our Holiday Open Houses for many years. This book, that Jennifer has so lovingly put together, is filled with recipes & ideas that you will reach for time and again. I attended the book launch at London Plane the other evening, and got my first look at the book. It is so delightfully written, styled and photographed. Copies will arrive at Watson Kennedy soon, and Jennifer will sign them for us, so each copy will be a keepsake. Look for further details for a book signing at the shop during the Holidays too.



DIFFA Glam: Tablescapes & Buckets by Design

20130925-093208.jpg The Seattle DIFFA Chapter started in 1992, and very soon after I joined its board. Over the years the chapter has hosted some of the city’s most creative events. That creativity continues, with DIFFA Glam, on October 10th at Masins Fine Furnishings & Interior Design in Bellevue. DIFFA stands for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. I am always more than happy and honored to create something for these wildly creative events.

20130925-094114.jpg The Buckets by Design silent auction will be filled with ice buckets created by Seattle creatives, and paired with wine from La Crema Of course orange was the first thing that came to mind, as well as letters, two Watson Kennedy favorites.

20130925-094523.jpg Inside the bucket I added more orange goodies. I always like to think of this as a bit of a fantasy. In this, I picture a couple sipping La Crema wine that has been chilled in the orange bucket, from the 2 orange rimmed tumblers, having a bit of a picnic. Candles lit, French towel at their feet while nibbling chocolate while reading from the witty book. That is the fantasy. Here is the reality. I hope my bucket package along with all the other fab things at the event go for a good sum of dough. DIFFA Seattle has always helped to fund some of the neediest and most worthwhile local HIV/AIDS organizations. Also included in my bucket package is a one night stay at the beyond fabulous Inn at the Market who are my lovely and beyond generous neighbors at the Fine Living shop at 86 Pine Street. This night’s stay will help you rest up to spend the two $100 Watson Kennedy gift certificates that will be included in the package. A little exercise after all the rest and shopping can be put towards the virtual golf you and 7 of your friends will get to play at Hotel 1000 which was donated by my other lovely neighbor who is by the Fine Home shop on First Avenue. The entire WK bucket package is valued at $1000.

To make this all even a little more interesting, I would love to give away 2 sets of VIP tickets to the event. Leave a comment on this post between now and the end of the Friday October 4th. Since I am a lover of quotes, the comment needs to include your favorite quote. I will draw the 2 lucky winners on Saturday randomly, but I will include your quote in the weeks to come on one of my weekly quote posts.

It will be such a cool event. If you would like to buy tickets for the event or just check out more information about all of it, visit DIFFA Glam to learn more. Now comment away! I can’t wait to read all your favorite quotes. Good Luck.
Happy Wednesday, Ted



Ice Buckets


20130924-054411.jpg Ice buckets equate something good is about to happen. Filling up an ice bucket means guests are soon to arrive, laughter is right around the counter, soon stories will be told. You get the picture. They are just fun. When I spotted these happy objects at the show in August, I thought they would be a welcome addition to the shops goods.

20130924-054906.jpg In orange, yellow, green and red–they look quite fetching mixed about in the displays. But they will really sing when they find a proper home and are put to good use.


20130924-055105.jpg At any given time, we can have multiples of ice buckets in our living room and kitchen. I think I counted 5 or 6 just the other day. They work great in a pinch for holding flowers or silverware if you are serving food buffet style at a party. Whether glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, or crystal–they can be quite beautiful objects when not in icy use.





A Quote to Start the Week

20130923-083327.jpg Life is the sum of all your choices.
–Albert Camus



And Autumn Begins…


20130922-072303.jpg You could just feel it in the air yesterday. A slight briskness. Even the dahlias at the Market had an autumnal feel. A bit more muted, but still so beautiful. This really is such a lovely, lovely time of the year. I had the door open out into the courtyard at the shop the entire day. I was determined to savor each passing moment of the last day of this most incredible season. Now it is onto the next. Farewell glorious Summer, you will be a fond memory always. A restful Sunday to you all.





Watermelon Salad with Feta

20130921-052205.jpg Actually, make that a watermelon salad with crumbled feta, extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of fleur de sel. That was just tough getting to fit in the above heading. As the Summer season draws to a close, we have been trying to enjoy as much watermelon as we can. Even as we head into Autumn, I want to make this salad every chance we can, if the watermelon are looking good at the grocer. This is really a composed salad with just a few simple ingredients, so use the best you can get your hands on. If you don’t have French fleur de sel, any chunky flaky salt with do.

Cube watermelon and arrange on a plate. Add a small sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil to the cubes as well as a pinch of salt. Add crumbled feta. Done. There is just something about the earthiness of the oil added to the juices of the watermelon mixed with the salt and the saltiness of the feta that just makes this divine. Enjoy!