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Roasting Carrots


20131031-063851.jpg One of my favorite organic vendors who sells mainly on Saturdays at the Market had these just stupendous looking carrots. These would be perfect roasted. Incredibly simple. Incredibly tasty. Cut carrot into 2-3 bite sized pieces. Toss with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Layout onto a baking sheet pan, making sure the carrot pieces are spread out and not touching. If they are too crowded, they will steam and not caramelize & roast. Put into a 400 degree oven, checking every 15 minutes while also moving them around so they cook evenly. Depending on the thickness of the carrots, it could be 45 minutes to an hour. They will turn out super sweet, working lovely as a side dish to a host of things. Like candy. Really good, healthy candy.





Passport Covers, Luggage Tags & 2014 Daily Planners

20131030-044218.jpg Just arrived at the shops, crocodile embossed leather goods. I found these at the stationery show way back in May. They were very worth the wait. So handsome–passport covers, luggage tags & daily planners for 2014. Such a great looking trio. To give or to keep. I am always on the hunt for good guy gifts for Watson Kennedy. These fit the bill. In spades. Beautifully made, the colors of the leather nice and rich, these will bump up the style quotient when traveling considerably.



A Tuesday Thought

20131029-084204.jpg Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.
— Vivian Komori



The High/Low of It All

20131028-085947.jpg To me, home, and how you chose to live in it is such a highly personal thing. It is your home. It should bring you comfort & delight. The thing I most love about writing this blog is that I get to share with you a bit of our home life, and what design means to me/us. I think homes evolve over time–layering our interests as time progresses. To me homes are the most interesting when they tell a visual story of the journey of the inhabitants. Sharing with you the beginning of our Hawthorne journey has been such fun. There is not a day that goes by that a customer/blog reader does not bring it up with me. I love that! The point of my post today is about how we like mixing a bit of the high and the low into our homes.

20131028-090731.jpg What does that really mean? You by now have figured out we love vintage goods, so the home will certainly include many vintage things we find here and there. We also love a bit of lux. I am a sucker for an Hermes throw, and curling up with one while reading a book is such a luxury. That would be the high. We came across these $12 lamps at Lowe’s when we were on the hunt for light switch dimmers. These would be the low. I just came to a quick halt when I spotted these, because we were about killing ourselves in the darkness each time we walked into the house each night. Lamps make such a statement and most times can be big ticket items. I just started laughing to TPS when he rounded the corner, saying these would be such a great quick fix.

20131028-091736.jpg Design inspiration can come from all places. By keeping our eyes always open to possibilities we might find things where we least expect them. When we do find just the right lamps to replace these, I can see taking the shade off of these and using the lamps with exposed Edison bulbs somewhere else in the house. Ahhhh, the high/low of it all. Keeps things interesting, keeps things unexpected.



More Hotel Silver Love

More vintage English hotel silver arrived this week. Our shelves are just shining and shimmering with delight. These pieces make such beautiful gifts, I am stocking up for the coming months. Here is a look at some of the beauties from this last shipment. It is incredibly hard not to take each and every piece home. Incredibly hard.






20131027-044706.jpg If anything catches your eye or intrigues you, just shoot me an e-mail and I can get you sizes and prices.

A restful, lovely Sunday to you all. Ted



Using What You Have

20131026-034627.jpg Setting a dining table is an activity I find quite enjoyable and let a bit of resourcefulness & creativity be the driving force. I also know from talking to many, many customers it is a task that can bring on much apprehension and a tiny bit of fear to many. My biggest piece of advice when thinking about setting a table is, have fun with it. There really are no set in stone rules. Use what you have and let your creative spirit soar. Our very first dinner with guests last week in New York is a bit of an example. We are just starting to set up house, so not all our usual things were right at hand. Also, being in the country, things are a bit more spread out, so running around to get this and that becomes much more of a chore. I decided to use what we had around the house to set the table.

20131026-035553.jpg I always start with flowers. I just think it is a good starting point for getting the table rolling. In this case, flowers were not easily accessible, so I walked around outside and cut just the prettiest hydrangea leaf grouping I could find. It would take center stage on the table in a green Little Shirley vase we had brought with us this trip.

20131026-035913.jpg We had picked up a squash the day before when we were grocery shopping for a meal later in the week. It would be called into action. The darker green complimenting the lighter green in the hydrangea leaves.

20131026-040138.jpg A few green glassybaby vessels set about for more pops of color and a little flickering light at the table. It was the first time we used the hand-painted glasses by artist Margot Larsen. The little ‘H’ in green on the glasses tying it all together. Simple vintage white plates and bowls we had found in Hudson on the prior visit, with vintage bamboo handled silverware set atop a green napkin and we were good to go. All stuff we had around the house. No sweat. A memorable meal by Mister Sive followed. A great memory for our first dinner with guests.



Aero: Beginning to Now, by Thomas O’Brien

20131025-064453.jpg I have really been looking forward to getting this book. Copies arrived at the shops when we were away. I had the good fortune of meeting Thomas O’Brien 20 years ago when he first opened his now legendary retail/design shop, Aero, in New York. I was still teaching tennis but knew my wholesale showroom was soon to be. I had read about him a bit in design publications. He could not have been nicer or more encouraging about me heading into the design arena. It has been a huge pleasure to watch his successes over the years. Not only has his shop flourished, but he has become one of the more recognizable designers in the field. Both in interiors as well as product design. His new book is a look back over the past 20 years and how his shop and homes have evolved. Beautifully photographed, it is stylish look into the journey of being a merchant and shopkeeper. Filled with page after page of ideas to incorporate into your own home.



Clare Goddard at Watson Kennedy

20131024-050350.jpg I am delighted to report that all the works from Clare Goddard are back from our framer and are soon to be gracing our walls. We will hang them all tomorrow, but I was so excited to share some with you today. You might recall from one of my posts from August when I bought the pieces when I was at the show in New York. I have been a fan of Clare’s work for years. She showed next to me when I had my wholesale business and would exhibit in the Accent on Design section in San Francisco. Her found objects, layered, ephemera collages have always just spoken to me on so many different levels. I framed most of the works in vintage frames, very similar to how we do the Hugo Guinness pieces. The vintage frames echoing the patina of her artwork. Since each is a one of a kind, please let me know if one catches your eye and I can get you sizing and price.









La Petite Perrière Sauvignon Blanc

20131023-080930.jpg La Petite Perrière Sauvignon Blanc is the ‘Wine Wednesday’ choice, as it pairs so nicely with a variety of foods. It is also lovely just having it by the glass, without food. Something I always look for in choosing a wine for home. It also comes in at under $15, which is always nice. “The smell explodes with the aromas of ripe yellow (peach and apricot) and exotic fruits. Clean and refreshing with a good length the taste is a whirlwind of freshness, complexity, fineness and ends with notes of ripe melon.” This was a description I read from a wine distributor. Anything thing that has the words ‘whirlwind’ and ‘fineness’ rates high in my book. We had it last evening with that simple chicken dish I wrote about recently (the one with lemon, garlic, white wine) and I used this wine to cook the chicken in, and we also had a glass with the meal. It was perfect all around.



A Tuesday Quote

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.
–Grandma Moses