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House Beautiful COLOR

20140131-091530.jpg My new favorite book on color. Big stacks at both shops. House Beautiful does just the best books. This is an extensive look at color. Broken down by hue, with oodles and oodles of images using the color. I always like it when the manufacturer and the actual color code and name are listed. This really is the key to the success of this book. As much a resource guide as an inspiration book.






Grocery Store Flowers

20140130-070021.jpg Fresh flowers hold such importance to me, and when it is chilly outside, that importance grows. They just add such a spark of life & color to a room. On our last visit we were not finding many places selling flowers. Actually, we did not find a one. Bill, our handy dandy all-knowing caretaker directed us to a grocer in Hudson that has a really pretty spectacular floral section. We were off and running! You know my delight when I spotted a big bundle of white tulips. I scattered them around the house in single stem containers to spread the tulip happiness.


20140130-070704.jpg Lilies for the living room corner to give the room that lily scent I just adore. They will really end up scenting the whole house once they are all fully open.

20140130-070840.jpg And a big hydrangea head in the bathroom to give a hit of color and life. I really like flowers in the bathroom so you can really enjoy the bloom as you are getting ready for the day.

All just very simply done, all from the latest grocery store visit. Huge enjoyment for not a lotta dough–to be enjoyed by guests and us this week.



Studio Tour of Artist Denise Fiedler

20140129-111453.jpg My warm & sunny San Francisco trip seems like a distant memory as I am surrounded by snow and a zero degree temp, but it was really only a week ago. Aside from buying at the food show, I was also able to fit in a visit to one of my favorite artists we carry at Watson Kennedy, Denise Fiedler. Her collage work using vintage paper creating cut-out pieces that are just whimsical & wonderful, are some of my favorite things we carry. I have known Denise since my showroom days, but it was fun to see her work space, get to see her in action with her scissors, and just get to know her a bit better. Her warm and witty personality shines through in her work as well as her work space. Housed in the historic Sentinel Building, her studio is filled with ephemera and vignettes that just filled my heart with detailed joy. Here is a look, in no certain order–of her space, the building, and Denise working on a piece for her Spring collection.














20140129-113109.jpg Hope you enjoyed the little snippets of the space. Thank you so much Denise, for showing me your studio and letting me click away the images. Such a visual treat.



Surrounded by Green

20140128-085059.jpg Actually, that should be surrounded by green and lots and lots of white. The white of the house looks so warm set amongst all the snow outside. We are ensconced at Hawthorne and enjoying the Winter that is all around. There was another magical dusting of snow yesterday to welcome us. Currently 5 degrees and clear as a bell, the valley just stunning out the windows. We have a variety of guests arriving this stay, so we are working on unpacking things that have arrived since we were last here. The Stray Dog Designs green ficus trees adding a huge pop of color and presence to the front sun porch. A pair of them flank the French doors. There goes that flanking word again. Such a great word. Along with a pair of vintage ginger jars that were made into lamps that I snatched up on One Kings Lane. It is the dance of wanting the home to have the ‘collected over time’ vibe we hold so dear, and the practicality of needing furniture. More posts in the coming week of some of the other treasures that arrived.

From snow filled Ghent,



The Journey

20140127-100709.jpg I think the thing I like most about flying is you get to be so alone with your thoughts. I always find it such a great time to think and reflect. Kind of like a many hour meditation. Our flight yesterday from Seattle to New York was just so smooth and peaceful, the snowy view out the window adding to that peace. It got me thinking about the journey of a life. We all have one–a journey. How we choose to travel it is so much up to us. Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow. They all make up a life well travelled. It might have a bit to do with turning 50 and soon after losing a dearest friend who was a contemporary, but I am even more so reminded about how quick this journey can be. How important it is to be so careful with our time. Each day, each moment really is so precious. So vital. To live it well. To savor. Savor the moment, that meal, that time spent with loved ones, that time spent with your own thoughts. Ultimately, to enjoy our own journey. To find peace and joy in it.



Happy, Happy Hyacinth

Oh these little reminders of Spring on these chilly days. We cling to them. One of my favorite flower vendors at the Market had buckets of these pretty spectacular hyacinth. Their heady unmistakable scent such a reminder that yes, Spring will most certainly come. We are up early this morning heading to the airport and off to snowy New York. A little rest, a little work, and lots of Hawthorne. I will keep that hyacinth scent in my memory when surrounded by all that snow and cold. What happy, happy flowers at any time of year.




A lovely Sunday to you all!
Reports from Wintery New York to follow,



A Small Remembrance

20140125-060713.jpg Travel is so wonderful as it gives you experiences to remember and relish over a lifetime. I like to have little tokens of trips scattered here and there in my life as little remembrances. It can be as small and as simple as a ticket stub from a play we saw in London that I use as a book marker. These little pieces of ephemera just take me back to the time and place, if only for a second. But it is a really glorious second. Same is true for corks from special bottles of wine we share on trips. I was so fortunate to have a special studio tour of artist Denise Fiedler while I was in San Francisco earlier this week. What a magical space. Look for a full post of it in the coming week. After the tour we went and had lunch at one of my favorite places in the world, Zuni. We shared a bottle of Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé. It was such a special morning touring her work space followed by a memorable lunch with someone I am so fond of–saving the cork from the bottle becomes a small reminder of the experience. I tucked it into a bowl I have on my desk at the shop. It will be such a lovely reminder as I glance at it from time to time.



Blood Oranges

Blood oranges are popping up at many of the fruit & veg stalls at the Market. Their color so distinctive I am always drawn to them as I pass by. They are so lovely to add a slice to sparking water for dinner, or juice them for a tart juice for breakfast. I crave citrus on these cold days, the blood oranges looking so pretty among other other fruit for a special fruit salad. Either for breakfast or for a healthy dessert. Some of you might remember our Japanese robin, Matisse. I had him first at my wholesale showroom and then he came to live at the Living shop. Blood oranges were his absolute favorite and he used to go crazy for them when they were in season. Such a fond memory. However you slice or serve them up, blood oranges add a specialness to anything they are added to.




A Thursday Thought

20140123-073515.jpg Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.



Breakfast with Lucian

20140122-075405.jpg It has been a very full 2 days, with another ahead in San Francisco, so I am relaxing a bit this morning and having breakfast in the room while reading, Breakfast with Lucian. I thought it went nicely with my meal. I actually bought the book late yesterday afternoon at the Marin Country Mart and have been reading it since. Freud as a person has always intrigued me. As an artist, his work has always moved me. Written by Geordie Greig, who was bitten by the Lucien Freud bug early in life, later becoming friends with his idol. Much of their time spent together centers on breakfasts they shared. It is a fascinating read about one of the greatest painters in the last 100 years, and the colorful life he led.

Until tomorrow, Ted