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Grilled Napa Cabbage

20150430-062150.jpg Let me start this off by stating I do not grill. Never have. But I love when others do. My dad, my brother, dear friends, my husband–all love to grill. I guess that must be it. I have always been surrounded by those that really enjoy barbecuing. I enjoy the smokey, tasty benefits. Fine by me, I am happy to sit this culinary task out and let those that revel in it soar. This one is for you. TPS tried grilling Napa cabbage the other evening, and it rocked. He has done lettuces and other greens but never Napa cabbage. It was pretty awesome. A grilled salad course in a few minutes. Yum. Moments before falling asleep last night I asked him how he prepared & grilled it. Here is what I hazily remember, but I think I have it all down right.

Quarter one good sized Napa cabbage making sure to keep the top core intact. This keeps the piece from falling apart. Create a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. Mix together and then use that to coat the 4 pieces of cabbage, making sure all is well covered. Then grill the cabbage on a super hot grill. He did it first thing when the coals were smoking hot. Stay with these as it only takes around 30 seconds to char. Repeat for the remaining two sides of the cabbage. That simple. So good.




Anatomy of a Window Display

20150429-082643.jpg There are so many aspects that go into a window display. The biggest one today was trying to put product in that would not fade. I was at the shop at 5:30 this morning to work on things and change out this window before it gets hopping at 10. Oh my, with all this lovely sunny weather (truly, not complaining in the least) the goods I pulled out of the window had completely faded. I had not factored that into the equation when we did this window awhile back. Side note, the sale case will get some real gems that have a bit of a sun burn/tan today…

20150429-083111.jpg I digress. Out everything comes. I just left the book pages on the wall and the long table in. The bones really. Then I start adding. Acquired this amazing vintage mirrored vanity so that went in first. This will be a Mother’s Day themed window. A new lamp arrived the other day that has a light blue base. This helps set the theme.

20150429-083355.jpg I like to image who this vignette is for. It is for a woman sitting at the table getting ready and she is surrounded by the things she loves. The horse black & white photos get added. As well as a stack of black & white vintage photos scattered here and there.

20150429-083612.jpg Then her tea as she is getting ready as well as her favorite Tocca perfume and her favorite Diptyque candle. A vintage trophy to tie in the photos.

20150429-083746.jpg Below would be all glass & vintage silver. Keeping in mind the sun beating down on this window, glass and silver will be perfect. Plus the silver really catches your eye as you walk by the window. It is comical trying to take these photos as tons of cars and folks are walking by. In order for the shot to be orderly, cars and people reflect off the window and get in the shot. I have super brief spans to snap away.

20150429-084106.jpg Also a little French love and a nod to the Eiffel Tower in this window. Done. Now onto the next window!



A Summery April Day

20150428-061513.jpg My oh my, what a day. We were out on the island and it truly felt like an August day. 75 degrees, sunny, the birds singing away. Wow. We will take it. Last week-end was also pretty stellar so out came the dining table to the deck for the season. Earliest we can ever remember. Last night, we pushed it all the way to the end of the deck where we were bathed in early evening sun as we had our dinner. I set the table in deep blues–the light reflecting off of the cobalt & varying blues. Truly, if you can grab a spot outside to dine in your part of the world, do. Whatever the season, it always makes a meal special.






White Lilacs

20150427-071117.jpg There they were. One lone bucket of them sitting in the back of the stall. There is just something about the ethereal lacy pure simplicity of white lilacs that gets me every time. The vendor was parcelling them out one stem at a time for the arrangements she was so lovingly working on when I walked up. She knew me from over the years of walking by and admiring her flowers. She also knew I would only be wanting the lilacs. She could see the gleam in my eyes when I asked.

20150427-071824.jpg She also knew how happy she had made me. I in turn spread that happiness by placing the blooms around the Market shop shortly thereafter. And today you all get to enjoy them. That is the thing about these gems–the joy they spread is quite something.




Hawthorne in House Beautiful

20150426-070641.jpg Thrilled & honored to be in House Beautiful this month. They asked me to shoot a dining table I had set at Hawthorne. What fun it all was! Pulling all the green things from around the house that have special meaning to us on a beautiful sunny day. TPS cut hydrangea from the yard. We pushed the table all the way to the window so you could see a bit of green from outside. Fun to include bits of things from Seattle, Hudson, our travels, and gifts we have received. The green leaf dish from Mary, a TKW blog reader since day one, that she sent to me in congratulations of my book. It really is a table filled with some of our most meaningful green things. The above taken from the page of the magazine. The below a clearer shot the magazine sent me after it had been cropped. House Beautiful really is one of my very favorite design magazines, so it tickles me to see a slice of Hawthorne grace the page.




A Saturday Thought




Swaine Street Woodworking

20150424-044616.jpg Just arrived, Swaine Street Woodworking products. I have always been somewhat at a loss on what to use to revivify wood cutting boards and other wood kitchen items like stirring spoons. Swaine Street Woodworking products to the rescue. Rosemary lemon cutting board oil is a food safe emollient formula which penetrates the wood to bring it back to a happy revivified life. Beeswax polish doing a similar trick but also providing a food safe protective finish. The ditty ‘whistle while you work, whistle while you work’ playing in my head. Again, great packaging. I am a sucker for a Weck jar, and the simple apothecary glass bottle with the black top is just right.

From my favorite leather chair–up early and ready to tackle the day.
A lovely, lovely Friday to you all,



Victoria Amory Condiments

20150423-065007.jpg We are still receiving new goods that I ordered at the New York show back in January. I love a constant stream of new things showing up throughout the year. Keeps the assortment fresh–so you always spot something new when entering the shops. Just in, Victoria Amory gourmet condiments.

20150423-065310.jpg Bumping up the quality quotient to everyday things we use can elevate the everyday experience. While I know we don’t use ketchup & mayonnaise everyday, to have really excellent bottles of it at the ready when we do, just creates a more memorable experience. Case in point, I tried the Champagne ketchup the other day with my lunch at the shop. I was blown away by the flavors. Complex, not overly sweet. When was the last time you even though about ketchup?

20150423-065830.jpg The Fine Herbs mayonnaise just waiting for crudités at the next cocktail party. Plus you all know how I love great packaging. These bottles are sharp enough to leave out in a pinch on a sandwich board. They would look stellar wrapped up in clear cello bags for host/hostess gifts.




20150422-063125.jpg Collections can really be just about anything and they can start just about anywhere. It can be as simple as shells from walks on the beach. A collection can be a few things or many things. Rare or not. Expensive or not. A vintage pair of cufflinks you find on a trip and then you start doing that on each vacation. A small bud vase you spot at an antique mall that you like, then you build on that and start collecting more on future shopping excursions. A collection can be just to look at on a shelf, or my favorite, things you actually use. I know someone who has a collection of hot sauce culled from over the years. End result, a collection should bring you joy. Joy in the hunt. A satisfaction from finding the needle in a haystack sort of thing. A collection can be something you began in childhood, or something you begin today. However it is pulled together, collecting should bring enjoyment to your life. Happy collecting!



Oh That Magical Light

20150421-062125.jpg The light Saturday morning in the Market was something else. Diffused, ethereal–just dreamy. It made the tulips seem like watercolor drawings. This Tulip Tuesday image in yellows and oranges and reds my favorite of all I snapped that day. Each single tulip a natural work of art and as a whole they become a masterpiece.