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Anthology, Issue No. 20 Summer

20150731-060227.jpg Always a bit of a happy dance when big stacks of the new Anthology arrive. Print and pattern are the focus of this issue. Think wallpaper, curtains, fabrics all awash in a pattern of some sort. Color galore. Fun page after page. The perfect beach or back porch read.



The Goats Have Arrived!

20150730-035756.jpg Excited to report that the fabulous ceramic goat pitchers from England made the voyage to Seattle and are now enjoying a life on the shelves at Watson Kennedy until they find their permanent homes. We bought one of these when I did a book signing last October at Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, New York. The owners were so gracious and shared with me the artisans in England who make these. I have posted images of the goat pitcher on our kitchen counter at Hawthorne on Instagram and have received oodles of inquires. Happy to now have them as part of our offerings at WK. Two sizes, $30 for the small and $36 for the big. Such a whimsical pitcher to have out to serve milk with coffee or to pour syrup from. Give us a call at 800.991.9361 if one speaks to you. A bit of the English countryside awaits. Fun to have them set about the First Avenue shop. Kind of like the little ones are watching after things.




Saint-Felix Rosé

20150729-065555.jpg Wine Wednesday is all about rosé these next few posts as we are knee deep into Summer and pink seems to be the prevailing color. Rosé is now so popular that many small producers are selling out way before they used to, with many favorites already gone and impossible to find even though it is July. Not long ago those same bottles would have been marked-down in September. It is so fun seeing so many folks enjoying pink. It is just festive. Which leads me to Saint-Felix. Most times I am drawn to French rosé. I just am. There are many, many lovely US producers of rosé, but in a pinch when I am grabbing for a bottle we have not tried, I will veer towards French. That is where this bottle comes in. I was in a hurry out on the island, with TPS & Bailey waiting in the car, and I was just running in to pick up a few quick things for guests coming just for drinks. A few of my tried & true were out, so this Saint-Felix looked interesting, was a tad darker than I usually choose, but in the basket it went. It was a lovely surprise. Stood up to the cheeses we served it with. Has a yummy watermelon note to it. At 10 to 12 bucks a bottle, it is perfect for a party or large gathering. Always fun to try something new. Look for a few more rosé posts in the coming weeks as the season heats up. Happy Wednesday everybody!



Zesty Zinnias

20150728-055947.jpg There are not lots of Z words that are descriptors. Zesty popped into my head, and seemed somewhat appropriate. I have never seen zinnias quite this color. Stunning. The light hitting them just perfectly. Made my day. Hope they make yours. Zesty it is!




A Quick Spin Around

20150727-065205.jpg Returning back to the shops from being away, I always take a quick spin around to see how things are looking, what is new that has come in, what has sold, what we need more of, what needs to be moved around. The first few days back my mind is always racing with ideas. I think of spaces like plants or flowers in a way. They need to be cared for, looked after, watered, fed, and they will blossom. The shops are very much the same. Spaces have energy. That energy needs to be fueled. I am always looking for ways to keep things fresh & visually interesting. One of the biggest compliments we receive in the shops is when someone says they “feel good” when in the spaces–then I know we are doing it right. This is a big, overall goal, we are always looking to maintain. This is what caught my well-rested eyes after having come back from vacation.











5 Pound Bag of Blueberries

20150726-075412.jpg I just could not pass it up. We are big fans of the blueberry. My favorite organic farmer at the Market had these heaping bags yesterday. One came out to the island with us last eve. My mind is swirling with the possibilities–crostata, crisp, over oatmeal, muffins. What are some of your favorite ways to use blueberries?

A lovely Sunday to you all,



A Saturday Buddha Thought




Hydrangea Leaf LOVE

20150724-063656.jpg Yes, this is the week for some serious hydrangea love. But today the attention is showered on the leaves. If you have access to them, use them. For they are so sculptural and beautiful. The main thing I like to use them for is under a piece of cheese to spiffy up the platter. Instead of looking like the cheese has been just plunked down on the plate looking all lonely, the leaf gives visual interest, softens the tableau, and adds a bit of green. You know I never think that is a bad thing.

We flew to Seattle last eve. The time at Hawthorne was much needed and so rejuvenating. Ready to hit the ground running. Lots of fun projects in the coming months. Happy Friday everyone. Hope all is grand in your part of the world,



Ted’s Tip No. 43

20150723-072537.jpg Add mirrors to vintage frames for an easy gallery wall, big or small.



Time for a Tomato Sandwich

20150722-082041.jpg Yes, it is that time of year again. Tomato time. Which means tomato sandwich time. I know I have written about this before, as well as in my book, but I feel it is my obligation (insert very large smile) to let new readers know about this sandwich if they don’t already. The simplest of things, but the very best of things. A big ripe, juicy tomato is key. For those juices become the magic in all this. Here we go. Slice up the bread. I like a hearty sourdough. Slightly toast it. Important that the bread not be too soft as it will fall apart. The above round baked by our new friend Mimi, who owns Little Ghent Farm with her husband Richard. I plan to do a post on them and their farm when we are back for Fall colors in October. She makes out of this world bread that they sell at their farm shop. I dream of this bread. I digress. Must stay focused. That is what that bread does to me. Again, insert wide, but supremely happy smile. To the toasted bread add a big, yes big, dollop of mayo. This is not the time to be stingy. The mayo is key, as it mixes with the tomato juices and forms a sort of sauce when you are eating this. Next slice up a fairly thick slice of tomato. Set on top of mayo laden bread. Now salt the top of the tomato. Stand back and admire the simplicity and beauty of it. This is needed for two reasons. One, you just want to admire how yummy it looks. But secondly and most importantly, you want to give it a minute or two to let the salt draw out some of the juice of the tomato. Now it is time. A big napkin will be needed. Sit and enjoy how sublimely tasty and simple and grand this is. Just 4 ingredients but just so good.