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When the Wrapping Paper Matches the Card

Just In, I was so taken by these stylishly graphic papers & cards I could not wait for them to show up. Shells, whales, trees, birds–so many of my favorite things imprinted on these goods. But what I like most is the idea that the wrapped gift will match the card when given together. My thought is ditch the envelope and have the card on top wrapped right along with the gift, adding a visual twist to the entire package presentation. 



Ted’s Tip No. 121

With Autumn in full bloom, if you get a gorgeous sunny day, grab it! Dine outside and soak up every last drop.



An End of October Thought 



Shop Shots

I am lover of music but not a student of it, so not sure if I am using this term properly, but it felt a bit like we were reaching a crescendo of our box delivery song yesterday. I arrived to the entire room we use to accept new shipments being so full I had to walk in sideways. This room is right next to our shop bathroom. The part where I almost died laughing was when I went into the bathroom and the UPS driver had filled that room up with boxes too! It was a hopping day of unpacking and I clicked away a few shots of displays as they were re-worked with the new goods, just a tiny fraction of all the new goodies that went out on the floor. 



Topiary Love

Flower Friday is not about a flowering bloom but rather a myrtle topiary. I might be channeling my inner Bunny Mellon as her love of them was quite deep. I saw a few tucked away hidden by some flowers at the grocery store the other day and it just called to me. I almost always had a topiary of some sort, usually an ivy variety, going in my showroom years ago in Georgetown. It is fun to rekindle the interest. We did not have any moss but we did have a bunch of Veuve corks & cages, so they came to the rescue when I was rummaging through things looking for something to cover up the dirt with. It all sits happily on the dining table.

A lovely last week-end in October to you all!



Reading and Watching 

I know I have mentioned this before, but I have some of my best customer conversations when I am wrapping their gifts. Something about time standing still and folks feeling comfortable asking me questions, it is always a lovely exchange of words, thoughts, ideas. The other day a stylish woman from Palm Beach asked me what I was reading and watching.

I just started reading the Bunny Mellon book. When we first opened the Market shop, now close to 20 years ago, the Slatkins created a candle in her honor that we sold. We also sold a little book about her ideas on gardening. Thus began my Bunny love. The read is fascinating and at times sad. Having it all materially does not bring happiness, which is a prevailing theme in this book. That aside, the woman lived a wildly fascinating life. Also on my nightstand is the November issue of Town & Country which I have loved since I was a kid. Writer/wine lover Jay McInerney extols on the awesomeness of Washington State wines, which makes me so happy, as it is so true. And lastly, I am counting the minutes until the Joan Didion documentary on Netflix comes out, which is tomorrow, Friday, btw. She intrigues me. I love reading, watching, learning about folks who have lived a life well. The Year of Magical Thinking is one of my favorite books. As for other things we enjoy watching, you must know how much I love to laugh. I need it, much like air. It is so good for the soul, the mind, the body. Will & Grace, Saturday Night Live and Modern Family top the list of shows that make me cry laughing. Much like life, I like the mix of it all. The high, the low. In my mind, it is what makes it interesting…



Roasting Radishes

Wine & Dine Wednesday is about roasting up something considered quite ‘normal’ turning it into something quite extraordinary. Radishes often get a ho-hum rap. But we are big radish fans in the Watson Sive household, so we serve them whenever they catch our eye, both cold and hot. TPS roasted up a bunch of beauties awhile back that we found at a farmers market, along with some amazing turnips. Hot oven, extra virgin olive oil bathed along with a few pinches of salt and the baking process turns the radish from slightly bitter to oh so sweet. Lovely nestled up to a roast chicken, piece of fish or even a steak. 



Le Jacquard Francais Special Offer for WK 

Very excited to announce this incredibly generous offer extended to our customers from our beloved Le Jacquard Francais in France. Order one of their tablecloths by November 5th from us and receive as their gift, napkins to match. Depending on the size tablecloth, it will be 2, 4 or 6 napkins. We had the great pleasure years back to visit their factory and watch the linens being created. It was such an awesome experience and we left with an even greater appreciation for the amazing detail of their work. These truly are heirloom quality. Contact with questions or to place your order if this is of interest to you. 



Ted’s Tip No. 120

Single vintage utensils are a lovely thing to add to a cheese board or serving platter, instantly spiffing it up with their beauty. They are an easy and quite useful collection to begin, that you will find yourself reaching for time and again.



A Sunday Thought