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Roasted Shrimp, Feta, Olives & Italian Parsley Over Basmati Rice

Wine & Dine Wednesday is about a tasty meal that comes together pretty easily in a quick amount of time. We quite often have a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer. They are handy to grab when you want to put together a satisfying meal. We had not done a big shop yet at Hawthorne but wanted to have a nice supper by the fire on the back porch. We always have rice on hand as well as a jar of olives in the fridge. A run to the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store for a piece of feta and a bunch of Italian parsley and away I went.

If you use fresh shrimp, fabulous. If they are frozen defrost by running cold water over them in the sink in a colander. Either way you want 1 pound raw deveined shrimp. Take the shell and tail off of all. In a ziplock bag, add a big glug of extra virgin olive oil, as well as 2 to 3 finely minced garlic gloves. Pat the shrimp dry with a paper towel. Add the shrimp to the bag as well as big pinches of salt & pepper. Mix all around to coat and set bag in the fridge. This can sit for many hours if needed.

Oven to 400 to heat up. Cook rice on the stovetop, which should take around 25 minutes, which will be time to get all ready. I used basmati the other night. Any type of rice you like is fine. To the rice and water before it comes to a boil I always add a big pinch of salt, a splash olive oil and a pat of butter. This trio adds lots of subtle flavor. While that is cooking away, cut olives in half. We are big fans of green Castelvetrano olives. Whatever olive you use, just make sure they are pitted. Set aside. Take a handful of Italian parsley and chop finely. Set aside. Cut a good hunk of feta and crumble into a bowl and set aside.

Now that the oven is nice and hot, on a sheet pan, put entire contents of shrimp bag onto the pan. Spread out evenly. Roast for 3 minutes. Then turn the shrimp over for another 3 minutes. Test to see if done by pressing your finger into one. It should be firm. Or cut into one to see. If need longer go another minute or two.

Put now cooked rice into a bowl. Add shrimp, olives, crumbled feta and let that parsley rain over the whole thing. Simple and satisfying. Enjoy!



My Office For The Day

This is the Hudson Valley version of my desk for the day. While our October stay is usually reserved for a major ‘rest up’ before the crazy busy Holiday season kicks in, the website is still in the works so work is still literally on the table. I have to say, it is not a bad view from my office! Insert large smile. Like in Seattle, spreading out things on the dining table makes it easy for me to work. Just like there, Bailey is fast asleep on her bed right next to me. TPS is up in the guest room/office where he is chipping away at his work too. Our treat later is a drive looking for creamy white pumpkins. We have a host of guests this stay and making the house super comfortable for each and every one of them makes us quite happy. But for now, a little more work and an occasional glance out the window to the Hawthorne Valley. Sending love from Ghent. X, T2+B



Ted’s Tip No. 222

Travel need not be boring. A little planning ahead can actually make it a bit of a party. Popcorn, pistachios in the shell, oranges, marmalade sandwiches made with big chunks of cheddar, newspapers, a few good books & magazines along with a laptop for movies and the flight just seems to fly by.



A Sunday Thought



The Dahlia Love Continues

The buckets get fewer and fewer, but the Market is still filled with a good amount of dahlia love. On these chilly days they are a reminder of the warm July days that were not that long ago. This is a Flower Friday on a Saturday, as I just had to share these beauties. Heaven. Have a lovely, lovely week-end! X, T



Denise Fiedler Dog or Cat Collage Workshop at WK

So happy to report another fab workshop coming up! Renowned collage artist Denise Fiedler will be in Seattle on Saturday the 23rd of November at Watson Kennedy teaching a dog & cat collage workshop. What an amazingly cool piece of art to create of your pet. Either as a beloved gift or to keep yourself. My hope is we fill up two classes that day, beginning with the afternoon session, from 2 o’clock to 4. If that fills up we will do another from 10 to noon that day. Price for the class is $125, which includes all materials. Please call or text me directly at 206.617.9678 to reserve your spot. Class size is limited. That also happens to be our Holiday Open House that day too, so stop in for a glass of bubbly! As a little gift from me to you, collage class participants will receive a 20% off discount on WK shopping at either or both shops that day.



A Day At The Office

We head to Hawthorne on Sunday for a rest up before a crazy busy Holiday season begins. It sort of feels like we have been sprinting since we returned at the end of August. The new website launches early November and that has taken up every spare moment since we have been back. This week has been all about writing the verbiage for each of the new items that are being added. With 800+ more to go, I decided to work from home yesterday. We were up before sunrise so I lit a few candles and let them create the mood throughout the day. My iced coffee never far behind. The last of the dahlias on its last leg and a bundle of scented geraniums I cut at WestWard on Monday in a little vase right next to me. The dining table my favorite perch for working on a project. I find great comfort in spreading things out there. It is my creative space. It is where I wrote my book and it is where I head when I need time to wrap my head around and do/create projects. Often Classic King FM fills the air. Yesterday the peace and quiet were welcome. An Autumn cheers to all of you! From Seattle. X, TKW



Shadows and Light

This lovely Autumn time of year, the light does such magical things. The shadows it creates quite something. Above the bathroom at WestWard and the big glass jar of lavender all lit up with the light dancing around on the walls. Take a moment or many each day to notice the light. It is amazing how it slows down time and allows you to savor that moment.



Cavallini 2020 Calendars at WK

Just In, the always popular Cavallini desk calendars for 2020. They arrive early and many designs sell out quickly. We have stocked these since we first opened the Market shop. Printed on gorgeous Italian paper, after the month or year has come to a close, they make great craft project images.



Ted’s Tip No. 221

When you buy beautiful looking produce, leave it on the counter to appreciate the beauty if you are cooking it that eve. Your eye will catch it when you walk by and be instantly pleased. It is natural beauty to be enjoyed with your eyes and your tummy.