A Refreshed TKW Daily Blog

November 16, 2019

Along with a full re-do of the Watson Kennedy website the daily blog also received a little refresh. The new banner encasing my name is artwork created for me last year by my friend Jeanne in honor of the WK20 anniversary. We thought it would be swell as part of the blog and I could not be happier. Many of my favorite things! The largest improvement is you will now be able to shop right off of the blog. I will still post each morning from home, but later in the day Chelsea, who oversees the website, will be able to add links to the post. I am pretty over the moon about it, as this is something many readers have asked me for time and again. I hope you like the new format! One little glitch. For those of you who receive the daily blog post via e-mail each day, the service we use has had a few hiccups. Not sure why, but it has. Like before, the post should come to your in-box at 3 o’clock Seattle time, each and every day. If for some reason it does not, please e-mail me directly at tedkennedywatson@watsonkennedy.com and let me know.

A lovely November Saturday to you in your part of the world. X, Ted