Daily Blog Turns 9

May 26, 2020

Sunday marked the 9th anniversary of my daily blog. Each morning for the last nine years I have written a post about my thoughts for the day. About design & display, about being a shopkeeper, sharing a much loved recipe or wine, showing a glorious bunch of blooms. My take on life & style, as the tag line suggests. As well as celebrating the moments, small and big, that we all have each and every day—we just have to keep our eyes open to see them. My goal has always been to keep it incredibly positive. To make it a visual feast. To have it be a bright spot in your day. These images from a shop window I did in honor of all the notes and thank you cards I received from around the globe for the 5th anniversary of the blog. It is a personal favorite, as the vignette has layer after layer of meaning. While the time has passed quickly, I feel like I am just getting started. To all of you who follow along, a big THANK YOU. I love having you by my side for this ride called life. We travel quite well together. Much love, Ted