Honoring The Meal

November 4, 2020

Meals together have always been important to us, but given all that has been going on this past year, they have taken on an even greater level of importance. Honoring the meal, be it breakfast, lunch or supper has taken on a greater level of meaning. Gratitude and focusing on what we have to be grateful for instead of spending a moments of time on what we do not. The time at the table together has become longer. More stories are told. There is more laughter. Beefier topics are tackled. It is a tradition we have both long admired about European households. Lingering. Taking our time. Slowing down. Be it take-out, leftovers or a meal that took quite a bit of time to prepare, we treat them equally. I am always looking for lessons learned. It is a trait I inherited from my father. Time at the table ranks right up there towards the top of things most thankful.