Book Writing & Photo Editing

January 14, 2021

I am in the midst of a several week total immersion of working on my next book and it is heaven. A big fan of multitasking, I also love to fully focus on one project. Getting into the zone, if you will. A term used often from my old tennis days. Editing photos and narrowing down which ones to use from the thousands of images I have already shot. Gaining inspiration from the vignette and then writing away. The above photo on my iPad where I can enlarge the images with my fingers to examine every little detail. The kitchen table has become my office, where everything gets spread out. The view from the table looking out to the Hawthorne Valley, quite a treat. Bailey snoozing away on her bed right next to me. It is really a joy to see the book start to take shape. Entertaining has always been hugely important in my life, from very early on. My parents loved to entertain and that tradition has carried on as it holds very special meaning in our household to this day. Sharing stories of some of the gathering over the years bringing back incredibly fond memories. The basis for the book is to not let perfection hold you back from entertaining. It is the number one reason I hear from folks why they don’t host guests in their home often. My goal is to show page after page of making entertaining fun, easy and doable. Table settings, flowers, recipes, tips—an entertaining guide. My hope is that it becomes a go-to source for inspiration for when you are planning your next dinner or party. Oh my gosh, remember dinners and parties? Can’t wait for Covid to be behind us and we can all entertain again!

From Hawthorne. Sending tons of love as a small flurry of snow falls at this moment. X, T