Tater Tot Waffles With Caviar

November 17, 2021

Wine & Dine Wednesday is a post about one of our very favorite ‘high/low’ foods while entertaining, tater tot waffles with a big dollop of crème fraîche followed by a generous serving of caviar. I was interviewed yesterday for an upcoming article in Town & Country magazine and mentioned this entertaining recipe/combination so wanted to share it with all of you as thought you might find it interesting and want to give it a try these coming festive months. Above was the scene the other eve after we closed up shop and headed to dear friends home for a kick-off to the holiday season Sunday supper. We said we would be bringing the caviar and Veuve. Brian has begun to master making tater tot waffles in their waffle press, so he was called into action. 3 of the 4 of us are working the retail floor of our shops this season, so an evening chilling and toasting with close friends catching up was in order. Peg had set out a platter of crudités which is a fresh and light balance to the hearty tot waffles. Here is how you make them:

High/low to me is something quite fancy combined with something very down to earth. This combo fits the bill in spades. Caviar can be quite expensive, but I love it so, and it can be the perfect celebratory treat. Quite a few years back I had a dish at one of our favorite restaurants in Seattle, Lark. That is where I was first exposed to Paddlefish caviar. It has become my go-to as it is a fraction of the price, yet is outstanding in every way.

It is by no means a secret, but from talking with many folks since being introduced to it, Paddlefish caviar is something not everyone knows about, but should. As are tater tot waffles! Oh my, even at this early, early hour I would happily have several bites of this winning combination. If it sounds interesting at all to you, then by all means give it a try. Cheers!