A Country Supper

October 11, 2023

Old friends who used to live in Seattle that I have done business with for years & years moved away awhile ago. They happened to be in the Hudson Valley visiting so it was a perfect time to get together, catch up and break bread. On the menu—roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower & broccolini, baguette with Irish butter, then local cherry pie. Comfort food indeed.

The green striped Cornishware plates from England were called into action. Along with a new favorite glass we are just beginning to carry at WK, a clear perfectly simple tumbler. Tins of Louis Sherry truffles left at their place settings as little treats to remember the evening by.

As the sun began to set, the candles began to do their magical dance. Grocery store roses being called into action for the middle of the table. Pots of thyme from our May/June stay flowered over the hot months adding a sweet extra hit of green flanking the roses.

Hearty nibbles are a Watson Sive entertaining trademark. Cheeses with crackers, hummus with pretzel thins, always potato chips, super thin bread sticks, and the seediest flatbread crackers we picked up at the Field + Supply event we attended last week in Kingston. We had a big fire going on the back porch. It was so lovely to sit and start to catch up over a glass of wine. Lots of stories from our showroom days and finding out about new adventures.

The Hudson Valley sky, which is so well known in paintings, was looking especially inviting last evening. Life is very much about chapters. That is the thing about friendships that span a great deal of time. You get to share your chapters along the way, which creates a unique bond exclusive to that group. Which means stories and laughter, some tears, much more laughter and lots more stories.