Finding Joy

December 19, 2023

Each morning when I begin thinking about what I will write about for my post that day, I scroll through my images for inspiration. This morning I landed on this photo of Hawthorne from last year all lit up with little lights. It was a surprise gift TPS had for me when we pulled up to the house on Christmas night. Instantly when I look at this image I feel joy. This post is about finding joy. There are so many heavy, heavy things going on in the world. It is incredibly easy to let them overtake us and squash our joy. But they must not. It does not mean we put our head in the sand. Absolutely not. We must read and speak up and speak out, we must educate ourselves, we must look at both sides of arguments and seek truth. But balance is key. Finding happiness/joy is a personal journey each and every day. Really each and every moment. When you find it, are in it, savor it. I think it might be one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.