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A Tuesday Quote

20130430-060600.jpg Maybe it has something to do with turning 50 this year, but the quote today really struck me when I first saw it amongst the stack of quote cards when I was straightening up the shop at the end of the day Saturday. People I have admired along the way have always had a youthful spirit, regardless of their age. I think of myself as a small child and remember the feeling of all the possibilities the world & life had to offer. That should not be lost, at any age. “The wisest keeps something of the vision of a child.” Sage words indeed.



Asparagus as Flowers

20130429-075936.jpg Spring brings such a profusion of flowers, so it is easy to pick & choose to create a special table setting. But for those times that you are coming up dry finding a bloom that speaks to you, also look to the produce aisle. Vegetables can offer clever alternatives to flowers. In both these cases, asparagus just seemed to go the trick for each table being set. The above needed another little something along with the white tulips for the table in town. The below being the only centerpiece on the long zinc table at the beach. Extra added bonus, you get to cook up the display at a later date. The asparagus became a lovely addition with a piece of fish last night, roasted in the oven, for dinner.




The Bottom of Things

20130428-080257.jpg Actually, make that the backs and bottoms of things, but I thought that was a rather suggestive heading. My walk yesterday morning of the Market had me looking up, down, and all around. I had never looked at the backside of the iconic Public Market Center sign. Sure, the Space Needle might be what first comes to mind when folks from far away think of an image of Seattle. But I am so incredibly fond of the above sign. The Market will always be the heart of Seattle to me. The sign from behind looks strong, formidable–just as it should. After taking that shot, I started seeing the interest in the backs and bottoms of things on my stroll. The below produce looking so vibrant. The bottoms producing such visual interest. Beauty is really swirling all around us. We just have to keep our eyes open to see it. Something I remind myself often.






glassybaby Shine at Watson Kennedy

20130427-070757.jpg When I was asked by the fab folks at glassybaby to carry their incredibly special vessels at Watson Kennedy, I jumped at the chance. Many of you know of my love of glassybaby, as well as the huge amount of respect I carry towards the company and the philanthropic good works they do. We are pleased to be focusing in on one particular glassybaby, Shine. 10% of the purchase price of each Shine with be donated to Stand Up To Cancer. It is an organization I also greatly believe in, having lost my father to melanoma 25+ years ago. Shine also has a very WK vibe to it, in my very favorite orange hue. We are proud to be adding it to our daily mix of goods.




The Ship Has Arrived

20130426-055239.jpg Yesterday was spent unpacking the incredible shipment of vintage hotel silver that had just arrived. These are all the gems I have been waiting for these last few months to really make our hotel silver assortment sing. And sing it does! We had folks buying it as I was unpacking it and putting it onto the shelves. This has all been re-silvered, so it is meant to used, and is completely food safe. All from England, all quite extraordinary. Because of the popularity, many pieces will be sold before we have a chance to put it on our website, so if anything catches your eye, please shoot me an e-mail or give one of the shops a ring. Even if you don’t collect it, a look at all of it massed together is just a pretty sight. It is that utilitarian/beautiful mix I just love. Amazing to look at, but meant to be used and enjoyed each day.








Prep Shots

20130425-072556.jpg I have really tried to hold off talking about my book these past months as I didn’t want it to take-over the blog posts. “Oh great, he is writing about that damn book again,” they collectively sighed–was my worry. But it has been a non-stop week of styling, photo taking and finishing up the manuscript, and my excitement is hard to contain. I also want all of you along with me for this journey. Not ever having written a book before, I am finding the process quite interesting. Which leads me to, styling. I am so lucky I get to do it almost daily at the shops. Styling this past week for photos is second nature to me, but it is a tad different than styling at the shop. Every, and I mean, every, little detail is seen in the shot. This level of detail just makes me giddy with happiness. We spent the last 3 days out at our place on Vashon Island, as the light is just so spectacular there with the Western light bouncing off the water, bouncing off the white floors and walls. Sort of perfect for photo shoots. Most of everything is being shot at our homes and the shops, so it is fun to pull from our collections of “stuff” we have collected over the years. And, last, but certainly not least, I get to play with and be surrounded by flowers. 3 days of much work, but pure heaven for me. Here are a few shots I took with my phone of things along the way, before the final photos were taken.



20130425-074217.jpg One of many table settings that were assembled over the days. I recently found the tablecloth, which is a French vintage linen bed sheet. It works perfectly for a tablecloth, fitting the long zinc table to a T.

20130425-074516.jpg TPS planted fresh scented geraniums in our pots that surround our outdoor shower.

20130425-074643.jpg Asparagus instead of flowers for one shot.

20130425-074741.jpg And those amazing tulips that I showed in the post yesterday. I used those a bunch of different ways. Long and short. Will be interesting to see which shots make it onto the pages.


20130425-075008.jpg Once shooting is done, the props become the end of day treat.



My Manuscript is Finished!

20130424-093541.jpg I wanted to share with all of you that I finished the manuscript for my book, and I will be sending it off to my editor in New York today. I am a bit over the moon! The above photo was from yesterday where I spent the day shooting table vignettes. Pure heaven for me. I want to thank everyone who has sent encouraging words along the way. It is fun to have all of you along for this journey with me. There is still much work ahead with edits, more photography and page design–I will keep you posted along the way. Spring 2014 when the book comes out will be here in a flash…



My Favorite Things Today

20130423-084302.jpg I have really been enjoying Instagram these past few months. I look at it sort of like a visual journal, and it has been fun taking shots of shop & life things. If it is not something you follow (since it is one of soooo many social media outlets) there is a feed to the right on the daily blog where you can click on the last 10 images posted. If you are on Instagram, I am at tkwinstagrams. This all leads me to this post. With goods arriving daily it is hard to narrow down my favorite each month, but this is what really caught my eye this go around. The above jewels perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day gifting.

20130423-085231.jpg New shampoo from London based Molton Brown. So good!

20130423-085432.jpg Some of my very favorite glasses from Juliska. This glass can be used for water, wine, juice, cocktails–I love that versatility in a vessel.

20130423-085644.jpg These sweet little dolls in our kids section just sell like crazy. They remind me of something that would be in a Wes Anderson film.

20130423-085818.jpg Vintage always catches my eye. These stellar English brass candlesticks just make my heart sing.


20130423-090013.jpg As do these amazing knives & forks I found on a vintage buying trip to New York. Just beautiful set out with a variety of cheeses and nibbles. Or just set out to admire the beauty.

20130423-090206.jpg And lastly, my new favorite John Derian paperweight. What a perfect sentiment to have facing you each day on your desk or bedside table. The real thing.



The Gift of Eggs & ‘Just Because’ Gifts

20130422-084020.jpg We received these amazing eggs the other day from our friend Sarah. Her chickens were busy and she knew we would enjoy them. Enjoy them we will! Giving of food is such a gracious act. I love giving and receiving edible things, as it fulfills one of our most basic needs. So often food is given in a time of sadness (when someone is ill or after a death) to help lift the spirit. My thought when we received the eggs is that it is so lovely just to receive the gift of food, just because. Next time we make brownies or cookies, I want to make extra and give them to a friend, just because. Or if we make a big batch of chicken stock, give some of the containers away to friends. A ‘just because’ gift. They really can be some of the very best gifts to give, or receive.



A Sunday Quote

20130421-053119.jpg My lifetime listens to yours.
–Muriel Ruckeyser

I just thought this was such a sweet quote on many levels…

A restful or action packed Sunday to you. Ted