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Watson Kennedy Holiday Open House Today!

20131130-052436.jpg If you are in Seattle today, please stop in and join us for our Holiday Open House. It will take place at both shops from 10 to 6. We will be serving tangerine mimosas and sparkling cider. Trophy cupcakes will be served. The tables and shelves are brimming with gifts galore. Each shop is just stuffed with just the right gifts to give, or receive.

20131130-052959.jpg And as always, you know we will lovingly wrap your gifts with our signature Watson Kennedy tissue. Sign up for our $250 stylish gift basket raffle at each shop too. It will be a fun, festive day all around. I love that the Holiday Open Houses coincide with Shop Small. I know I am preaching to the choir, but small shops are what give cities and towns their flavor and personality. Frequenting them throughout the year is always a good thing, and it is so lovely that it is the focus of the day. If you are not in the Seattle area today, shop the small local retailers in your area, and be treated to the love & passion & creativity that independent shopkeepers bring to the table.




As do Mar Tuna Salad

20131129-070826.jpg If you are looking for a turkey alternative in the coming days, and I am by no means knocking turkey, but by Saturday/Sunday I am ready to branch out, try this super simple tuna combo. In the last year we have started using this incredible canned tuna called As do Mar. It is line-caught and packed when fresh, in olive oil. Off the southwest coastline of Europe lie the tiny Azores, a chain of Portuguese islands that are right in the middle of prime Atlantic tuna grounds. The solid flesh of the yellowfin tuna is richer in fats than albacore, which means that the meat is darker, pink to reddish, and it is moister and richer in flavor. I have now started seeing it on many grocery store shelves.

Since the tuna itself is so tasty, after I have drained the tuna and put it in a bowl–I just add a dollop of mayonnaise, a bit of lemon juice, a few cornichon finely chopped up, and a bit of salt & pepper. Mix all together. Works on top of greens for a filling salad. My favorite is on top of toasted bread served open face. All easy and so flavor filled.



A Day of Thanks

20131128-071441.jpg I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
–Gilbert K. Chesterton

May your day be filled with thanks, thought, gratitude, happiness and wonder.
From Seattle,



The Whale Wins

20131127-075908.jpg Not really a Wine Wednesday entry, so I am coming up with a new concept for a post, Wine & Dine Wednesday. I love writing about swell meals we have had. They actually are one of the more discussed posts I get asked about from readers who are traveling and visiting Seattle. Which leads me to, please know, I only share places I really enjoy. I made up my mind very early on when beginning this blog that I wanted it to be positive, happy & upbeat. The world has so much negative/unhappy/sad stuff swirling about, why on earth would anyone want to write about, contribute or read more of the bad stuff. We have eaten at plenty of places that are good but not great, and even some not good at all. Those are the places I don’t share or write about. I hope that all makes sense. Just know if I write about it, we really liked it quite a bit.

Which leads me to, The Whale Wins. This has been on the top of our list since it opened, but for whatever reason, we had yet to try. TPS was given a birthday present of a meal there way back in May. Since we had birthday on the brain, we thought we would give it a go on Monday eve. Chef Renee Erickson, from Boat Street Cafe & The Walrus and the Carpenter fame, has once again put together a winner. Small and shared plates is the concept, so go ready to try lots of spectacular flavor combinations. The space is cool and inviting. The wine list, incredibly approachable.

We have carried her pickled products at the First Avenue shop since she began selling them. Renee is also a Watson Kennedy customer. It has been so much fun watching all of her successes over the years.

We went knowing it was going to be good. But it was really, really great. Ordering the Columbia City bread platter with a huge dollop of amazing butter is a must, for starters. The bread being the perfect tool for mopping up all those delicious sauces along the way. Here is what we had. Roasted delicata squash with beans, almonds, ricotta salata, mint and green tomato currant chutney. As well as roasted cauliflower, toasted coconut, mustard seeds, pickled cucumber with coconut vinaigrette. All amazing. Then Hama Hama roasted clams with romanesco, celery, fingerling potatoes and marjoram. Painted Hills marrow bones, Jacobsen sea salt, with a pickled shallot relish with capers and golden raisins. As well as Carlton Farms roasted pork shoulder with eggplant, chickpeas, rosemary & tarragon. All with a super tasty Bandol red I will write about in the coming weeks. It was all heaven. My only suggestion is to request things in the order you would like them. We ending up being brought the clams last, which seemed odd to us, but we should have specified we wanted them before the meat course. They were still awesome, even after that incredible pork shoulder and marrow. We ended sharing a brownie that is from her mother’s recipe, which rocked. Run, don’t walk, to The Whale Wins. Yum!




Style, Manners & Occasions by Kate Spade

We received just the coolest little trio of books by Kate Spade at the shops last week. We sold these books ages ago with great success, so it is fun that they have been reprinted for a new audience to enjoy. She has such great style, that Kate Spade. These books are her take on the world as she views it with much charm, smarts & wit. We sell them individually, but they are pretty darn swell tied up as grouping for one heck of a gift.






Red, Yellow & Orange

20131125-075712.jpg As we head into Thanksgiving week I find myself drawn even more to the colors red, yellow and orange. The Autumnal spin these colors take on this time of year just makes them a warming attraction. A quick scroll through my photos and I was drawn to bits and pieces of the trio of colors in a host of ways. Here is what caught my eye and energized me on this Monday morning.

















A Sunday Thought

20131124-082703.jpg This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess.
–Rainer Maria Rilke



I Am Fiddy

20131123-061031.jpg And it feels so good. I think we are so lucky to get to be whatever age we are. I have felt this way since my father was diagnosed with cancer in his mid fifties. The above photo was sent to me yesterday from my brother. The note attached said it was from the first meeting of Watson Kennedy, as it looks like I am taking notes. That photo and that comment just made me cry. But in a very good way. On this my 50th birthday, I am thinking so much of my dad and wishing he could be here with me to celebrate the day. But I know he is. Just in a different way. It is 6 a.m. and I am just about to go out and hit my first tennis ball in twenty years this morning. I had just the most wonderful dinner last night with my husband, just us two, at home, with Bailey snuggled up on her Burberry blanket next to the dining table. A yummy dinner with a special bottle of wine from our trip to Santa Barbara earlier in the year. We just talked and talked about all the cool stuff we have been so fortunate to do in the last 25+ years. I am one lucky/fortunate/blessed fellow. I feel it each day and am grateful always.

Someone at the shop asked me the other day about my life philosophy as I reach 50. It really has not changed much over the years, but rather gets stronger. We are all so fortunate for this moment, today, right now. Each day. Always. It is what we have. Enjoy it. Thrive in that moment. The small moments make up our life, our story.

Thank you all, for being part of mine.
Much, much love,



TKW in House Beautiful

20131122-045651.jpg I was honored and thrilled to be included in the current issue of House Beautiful, out on newsstands now. The Last Words, is the last page of each issue. The question posed this month was, what will you buy next year? “Always on the hunt, the best shopkeepers see it all. Here’s what some of them are eyeing for themselves.” It was a fun twist to come up with something to buy for ourselves, rather than to sell in the shops. My head went right to an apple green French Jielde desk lamp for our house in New York, Hawthorne. They make such classic, iconic pieces, and this is a lamp I have coveted for quite some time. Fun to see what the other shopkeepers are eyeing for themselves too. Lovely to be included in the list–we heart House Beautiful big time here at the Watson Sive household.

A spirited Friday to each and every one of you as we head into the week-end.

I just saw this quote after I finished the above post and thought it was so beautiful and perfect for the day.
“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”
–John F. Kennedy



The New Kinfolk Has Arrived

20131121-095237.jpg The new Kinfolk has arrived! Such a cool magazine. Stacks are now at both shops. Discovering new things to cook, make and do–is the tag line, and it is spot on. More book really than magazine, these fall into the ‘must save’ category.

A happy Thursday all.
From sunny but very chilly Seattle,