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A Sunday Thought 



My Favorite Things Today

With May knocking on the door and Mother’s Day right around the corner, thought it would be fun to do a spin around the shops and click away. All things that caught my eye. Some new, some tried & true. 20 of My Favorite Things Today.



Tulips, Two Ways

I rarely mix flowers, preferring most times just one variety in mass. But this week, two different ones tugged at my heart, and it was just impossible to choose, so both were the winner on the dining table. The creamy white with streaks of green almost having a bit of a lily vibe to them, I could just not pass them up. Hands down the tulip I have reached for the most these past months. They worked swell massed together in the vessel that was a gift from our friend Julia Reed, that has been called into action since the moment it was received. The super fluttery gems started to open so spectacularly, they are getting me excited for peony season ahead. Who am I kidding, I am ALWAYS excited for peony season! But this week we will just kneel at the tulip alter and give thanks for all that beauty, and joy, they bring.



Blue Garden by NEST Fragrances

April is World Autism Awareness month. We are proud to highlight a company and products that support autism research and awareness. I have always loved the idea of supporting & celebrating goods that give back. NEST Fragrances is a lovely example of this idea, with the Blue Garden line, of which we carry the candle and diffuser. It was the first thing I added to our order when we initially brought the line into the shops. I have been so fortunate to get to know Laura Slatkin, the founder of NEST. The photo at the end of the post of the two of us at a swell party at her home in the city when I was buying at the New York show a few years ago. Below are a few words from Laura and a bit about her involvement with Autism Speaks.

“I have always said that everything I do to support the field of autism is done in honor of my son David who was diagnosed with autism 15 years ago at 17-months-old, and that has not changed,” said Laura Slatkin, Founder and Executive Chairman of NEST Fragrances and member of the Board of Directors of Autism Speaks. “We have made significant progress in the field of autism since 2001 but David remains severely impaired, and there is still much more to be accomplished. The NEST Fragrances Blue Garden Home Fragrance Collection benefits Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. What began in 2010 as one scented candle designed to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Autism Speaks and raise awareness and funds for autism research, Blue Garden has since blossomed into a complete collection of six home fragrance products. A portion of proceeds from the full collection goes directly to Autism Speaks.

In addition to Watson Kennedy, Blue Garden is sold at fine retailers around the globe. It is a gift that gives back in so many ways. We are honored to have it among our offerings. Goods doing good! 



Baked Eggs in Cream with Chives

Our friend Jewel made these for us last week when Heather & I were staying with her on our visit. I could not wait to get home and make these for Mister Sive. We had them the other eve. I love having eggs for supper! Our friend Peg gave us these dishes for Easter, so it was a meant to be recipe. Jewel first saw it on the blog Frolic. It could not be easier and is really quite divine.

Turn oven to 350 to heat up while you get things ready. Butter a small ramekin or dish that is ok for the oven. Jewel took it out of the dish and plated her version, I served mine right in the dish. Truly, either way is fab. She cooked one egg, I did two. To the dish add 2 tablespoons of cream for each egg used. Then break open the egg or eggs on top of the cream. Add salt & pepper. Then snip a good amount of chives atop the eggs. Then off it goes to the hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how done you like your eggs. Seriously, how easy is that? We both served it with hearty seeded toast and roasted broccoli. Perfect really for any time of day.



Simple Floral Magic

Sometimes all you need is a clear glass vessel filled with a handful of stems of the same bloom to create a bit of simple floral magic. Such was the case last week at Marché in Eugene. The above bundle greeted us as we checked in. The simplicity stopping me in my tracks with the sheer beauty of it.



36 Hours in Eugene

I mentioned yesterday we found some really cool landscape paintings on a recent trip to Eugene, Oregon. I was asked to be the speaker at a benefit for the Volunteers In Medicine Clinic there, as well as sign my book for guests. I was deeply honored and so happy to be part of the luncheon & auction. So off I we went last week, with Heather Smith, my friend who has worked at WK for close to 15 years, who attended U of O. I thought we would have a blast together since she knows the area so well. How right I was! We chatted and laughed and chatted some more the entire trip. 

The super fabulous Kathy Re, the Chair of the One Fine Day event picked us up at the airport and took us right to Autzen Stadium where the luncheon was taking place the next day. I went right to work signing close to 400 books while Heather placed them at each attendees seat. 

Then we were off to a crazy good lunch at Le Bar (French bistro heaven) with our dear mutual friend Jewel Murphy. Jewel was a customer of mine when I had my wholesale showroom down in Georgetown and she has known Heather forever, doing the flowers for her wedding. Jewel was who introduced me to Heather oh so many years back. Let’s just say there was not one moment of dead air time at lunch…

Then we were off for a quick Eugene tour on our way to Jewel’s amazing shop, Passionflower, for a Style & Simplicity book signing. So many lovely folks came to say hi and get a book, as well as Heather’s niece Sarah, who is finishing up at the U of O Law School. Sarah worked at WK for several years, so it was a huge treat to see her as she is part of the family.

Then we were whisked to the uber chic home of designer Jen West, who was throwing a cocktail party in my honor. Fun to meet more cool Eugene folk and sign more books. Jen knows how to throw a swell party, and she had me laughing all along the way. Below laughing as a photo was being snapped.

Jewel had made me a David Austin rose boutonniere from a bloom she had in her shop flower cooler that I was coveting. The cocktail party was just grand and we were then off to a dinner with a group of folks putting together the auction at the stylish and oh so tasty, Marché.

Another off the charts yummy meal was ahead of us. Super sweet that they had our names on the menu for the dinner. Every detail all along the way for the entire event was thought of and executed so beautifully and with such thought. To say my head hit the pillow and I fell asleep instantly would be putting it mildly. It was a fun, full day and I had to get my beauty sleep for another busy day ahead.

The auction was huge fun and a big success. This is the 13th year and they have raised over 3 million dollars for the Volunteers In Medicine Clinic. Truly, truly honored to have been asked to take part. A champagne toast in the sky box overlooking the stadium (first photo at the top) which is a ritual each year after the event by the committee and we said our good-byes and hugs. We had a bit of time before our flight back so Jewel picked us up for a little vintage shopping, which is when Heather spotted the amazing landscape paintings that now hang on the wall in the front window of the Home store. We hung them the very next morning. Then it was off to the sweetest little French bakery for a coffee & treats and then we were up in the air back to Seattle. 36 pretty full hours in Eugene–what a fun time! It had been years since I had been there, but I was reminded why I adore it so much. 



A Quick Window Refresh

First off, you must know, it was a gloriously sunny day, one of which we have not had in quite some time, so the reflection was quite strong on the windows when I snapped these photos. Apologies, as you end up seeing almost as much of The Alexis Hotel as you do the window display, but that was what I was working with. We all were so thrilled to be getting a spot of grand weather, that I was happy to make do. Out came the Easter display and in went a Mother’s Day window. All sorts of greens & blues, inspired by some paintings we had found in Eugene (more on that tomorrow) the day before. Just layer after layer of shop goods, with some pretty spectacular ruffly white field tulips that pulled the whole thing together. We are off and running celebrating all things MOM in the coming month.



A Saturday Thought 



Flower Friday Tulips

The tulips this season have been something else. The cool and all the rain pushing the growing time further, so they are staying around even longer. I have never seen the creamy white with hits of green variety offered so long at my favorite Market vendors, so I am snatching them up every chance I get. They were the bloom of choice for our Easter table last Sunday. They are our Flower Friday pick today.