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A Quote by Mister Oscar Wilde

20120430-071706.jpg A thought by the insightful Oscar Wilde to start our Monday. May your week be filled with many moments that have meaning to you.
Sending much love, Ted



My Old Tennis Days

20120429-082850.jpg I snapped these photos a few weeks ago when we got another round of these tennis racket mirrors in at Watson Kennedy. They have been quite popular, and are a fun reminder of my tennis days. The classic design adding a sporty spin on any room they grace.






Decoupaged Door, Part Deux

20120428-070145.jpg Amy was busy at work most of the day, completing the second door. As I mentioned yesterday, each is really a work of art. The layering and detail of each page is really quite something.

20120428-070401.jpg This door leads out into a back hallway, and was really in need of some punch. What was once a plain door, it has now been transformed. Each page was chosen with great thought & care. This page, from 1916, about entertaining your friends in the country just cracks me up. She knew that one would bring a smile to my face.

20120428-070913.jpg The entire process creating a ‘wallpaper’ that is truly one of a kind. Thank you so much Amy, I adore them both, and could not be happier!



Dandy Decoupaged Door

20120427-081453.jpg One of the nicest parts of being in the same profession for a long time, is all the friendships you develop along the way. Having my wholesale showroom first, then moving into retail–I have met some pretty special folks. Many have crossed over from both of those worlds. Amy Duncan is one of those people. I represented Amy’s creative work at The Watson Kennedy Collection, she then worked at the Market shop for a bit, and she has done many creative projects for me over the years.

20120427-082451.jpg Amy is decoupage artist extraordinaire. She is currently transforming 2 very plain doors at the First Avenue shop into small works of art. First, Amy pulled tons of vintage book pages, maps, paper ephemera–she knows all the ‘things’ I like quite well. She then sands, glues and does her magic.

20120427-082812.jpg Each portion telling a small visual story. I love how layered it all is.

20120427-082936.jpg She is back today to do the second door which I will share with you tomorrow. In the meantime, check out her work at

A happy Friday!



Lily-Flowered Tulips

20120426-071127.jpg I am always astonished when I stroll the Market and see the unbelievable variety of tulips this time of year. The stalls bursting with color. The latest flower to catch my eye were these pointy red variety, that are lily-flowered tulips.

20120426-071454.jpg I picked up a large bunch, and they were enjoyed for the day by customers at the check-out counter.

20120426-071719.jpg They then made the ferry journey to the island where they would fill the house and dining table for the week-end.




20120426-072045.jpg They worked perfectly scattered about the table in single stem vases, allowing for each stem to really shine. They also picked up the hue of the rose’ and were fun to admire while we sat and had our meal.



The Coolest Cheese Boards

20120425-071727.jpg It is always fun to see new product arrive that I ordered at a show many months ago, particularly if the items are one-of-a kind. In the case of these amazing root wood cheese boards, each one has such a cool shape and varying coloring. I thought it would be visually interesting to stack them, sort of creating a stack of pancake effect. That makes me smile, as it adds a bit of whimsy to the display.

20120425-072306.jpg Each is made from reclaimed fir stumps, and is hand-carved by skilled artisans, so no two are exactly alike.

20120425-072611.jpg The organic shapes working perfectly singularly or grouped together with a variety of cheeses or whatever suits your fancy.



Unfurling Fern Fronds

20120424-070839.jpg The walk from the driveway to get to our house on Vashon Island is a meandering equivalent of 7 flights of stairs. The part I most enjoy of the journey, and on certain days it most certainly is a journey (picture both of us carrying one to two overstuffed L.L. Bean bags as well as two very full grocery bags, along with flowers, and Bailey right beside) is the incredible variety of ferns.

20120424-071453.jpg This time of year, there are such varying stages that the ferns go through–it is such a treat to watch them transform in the unfurling process. The curled up ends exploding into full form.




A Quote by William Wordsworth

20120423-055909.jpg We carry this great variety of cards that the artist painstakingly types quotes on. I particularly like when she strikes over a letter to correct a small mistake, revealing the true craftsmanship of the process. This one spoke to me the other day as I was tidying up the shop. It really is the small acts that add up in our life, that make us who we are.



Thyme Roasted Potatoes

20120422-070630.jpg We love a roasted potato in our household. If those potatoes can be infused with fresh herbs, all the better. If with those herbs a liberal amount of amazing extra virgin olive oil and French sea salt are added–now we are talking. Mister Sive found these gorgeous potatoes last week at the Market, along with some fragrant thyme. He whipped these up, and in no time, the house was filled with the intoxicating scent of thyme.

Here is how we like to roast our potatoes. It could not be simpler, but the result is incredibly satisfying. Turn oven to 350 degrees, and let it heat up while you prepare the potatoes. Give the potatoes a quick rinse in the sink to make sure any dirt is off. Dry well. Layer the potatoes in a baking pan, sprinkling with EVOO, sea salt, and thyme leaves that are just pulled from the stem. TPS uses very little to no salt, and when I make it, I use a generous amount. Your call. That is what I love about most cooking–that there is no set in stone way it has to be done. Give the whole mix a mix around so everything is well coated. Pop in the oven, and cook for an hour to an hour and a half. Check periodically, moving things around so the potatoes get cooked evenly. You really want the potatoes to get nice and soft, which really brings out the sweetness. We generally cook them for an hour and a half, but it all depends on the size of the spuds, so they might be done sooner. Test along the way. Enjoy!

I am playing around with a new camera app on my iPhone, called Camera+. This was my first attempt at it. Look for more in future posts. A relaxing Sunday to all.



At Home by Suzanne Rheinstein

20120421-072522.jpg I have had the book, At Home, by Suzanne Rheinstein out for several weeks on our coffee table. I keep going back to many of the dreamy vignettes, and enjoying all the layers of detail.

20120421-072905.jpg She is known for her relaxed, elegant style–and is a master of taking an eclectic mix of furnishings & objects from the past and arranging them in a fresh, inspiring way.

20120421-073210.jpg Suzanne is also a shop keeper, of the lovely Hollyhock, in Los Angeles.


20120421-073432.jpg She has a keen appreciation for special luxuries, and feels that how you live your life each day in your home is much more important than getting your house together for a special occasion. I could not agree more!

20120421-073727.jpg The book was photographed by Pieter Estersohn, whose work I have long admired. There is an ethereal quality to many of the images.


20120421-073938.jpg But the pages I keep going back to see time and again, are of Rheinstein’s own prewar pied-a-terre in New York. It is just such a beautiful space, both elegant and comfortable.