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Fleur de Sel & More

20120831-072621.jpg Things have already started to trickle in from orders I wrote at the show just a little over a week ago. I get so excited when new goods arrive. Really excited. So much of retail is that of telling a visual story, so when a new item or two come in that help tell an existing story, I jump at the chance to do a quick re-display. We have sold the famous cork topped Le Saunier de Camargue fleur de sel at Watson Kennedy almost from the minute we began. What arrived yesterday are these very sweet little white ceramic bowls that you can put the sea salt into and have it out on your table. Along with that are beautiful Berard wood spoons that one can use to scoop the salt out of the bowl. The visual story is now complete!



Vintage Bottle Vignette

20120830-061853.jpg We just acquired a really cool assortment of clear vintage bottles at Watson Kennedy. I could not wait to line them up and create a little vignette of them all massed together. I always think of a display like this as ‘strength in numbers’ and am visually inspired whenever I see a large number of one type of item, but there is still variety to that one item–with the varying shapes & sizes. These would look stellar on a mantel or running down a long dining table. They would also be exquisite with a single bloom in each one.




Glimpses of a Cool NYC Apt

20120829-072605.jpg I have had so many folks ask me at the shops and by e-mail about the apartment we stayed in at the London Terrace in Chelsea, on this last trip. It is the Manhattan pied-à-terre of Seattle restaurateur/bar owner & tastemaker Linda Derschang. Here are a few snapshots of the stylish home in the legendary building.








20120829-074119.jpg We adored staying there–comfortable, personal, filled with art–all things that made us feel right at home in the big city. Thanks Linda, it was such a treat!

20120829-074452.jpg This was the ceiling pattern in the lobby. LOVE.



Crazy for Corn

20120828-062944.jpg This time of year, we are having corn every chance we can. Growing up in the Midwest, and playing tennis on courts where the corn fields were right next to them, corn holds a special place in my heart. Whether it be boiled, cooked on the grill, or taken off the cob and sautéed with sweet butter and a few pinches of salt–it just speaks to me of Summer and all the good stuff that brings. As the season winds down, we are savoring each and every kernel. Cheers to the simple, humble and oh so tasty ear of corn in whatever form you like cooking it best!



A Pretty Perfect Day

20120827-063004.jpg Oh my stars, it has been an action packed few weeks and yesterday it finally hit us. It would be a ‘nothing’ day at WestWard, and it was sublime. The above assortment of magazines along with an assortment of naps was on the agenda for the day. The famous September issue of Vogue must weight at least a few pounds. Amazing. Town & Country, The New Yorker, House Beautiful–along with all my other favorites. As you can see, it was a very stressful day for Bailey too.




The Tiniest Dahlias

20120826-085319.jpg The variety of dahlias for sale right now at the Pike Place Market flowers stalls is mind blowing. It is just a riot of color as you walk past bucket after bucket. I spotted these tiny, tiny little dahlias yesterday, and was completely taken by the size and color variation. I actually don’t think I have ever seen any this small. They worked beautifully in a simple clear glass vase to brighten up a spot at the shop for the day. The delightful flower vendor told me the name of the flower, but it now escapes me. Anyone refresh my memory? I would love to know. Happy Sunday. T




A Meal to Ponder…

20120825-063114.jpg Melanie Dunea composed a beautiful book several years back, My Last Supper, where she asked 50 chefs what their final meal would be. Last year she wrote a follow-up book, My Last Super: The Next Course. Both books have been hit gifts at Watson Kennedy, many times given as a combo. The photography is stunning, making it a great book to leave out to peruse. From Alain Ducasse to April Bloomfield, and many other great chefs–they share their thoughts and recipes for what they would want for their last supper. Food is so personal. Would you choose something that was your all-time favorite, and something comforting like risotto? Or would you choose something you had never tried before? The books really do make you ponder your own choice.




A Friday Thought & Quote

20120824-081132.jpg After returning from a trip, even a short one, I find myself examining and assessing my goals. That is what I like most about travel–you see just how varied, diverse and special the world really is, or at the very least it is a great reminder. Dreams and goals go hand in hand in my book. This quote seeming appropriate for the day.

A dream come true Friday to you all.



The High Line

I was able to squeeze a quick walk of the High Line after I finished my buying on Tuesday at Pier 94. What a glorious, glorious use of space they have created. Much has been written about the beauty and coolness, but it was just one of those things that I have never fit into our busy trips to the city. Ted & Bailey were in Montclair visiting his parents for the day, so it would be my chance to experience it firsthand. They don’t allow pooches, so walking it would have to be a solo adventure. What I was most struck by is the view to so many stunning buildings as well as how lush all the plantings are. These are the images I clicked that marry the two. The large building on the left in the first photo, is the London Terrace where we stayed on this visit. It takes up an entire city block–such an awesome sight viewing it from the High Line.




They have a great website so check it out for more information on this incredible park.



The Finish Line

4 days, 80+ orders–in some ways, I think of walking this show sort of like a marathon. A retail buying marathon. Well let’s put it this way, it is as close to doing a marathon as I will ever get. Insert very big smile. I found so many good things. Ran into so many people I have known for years. I am completely exhausted, but it is a hugely satisfying exhaustion. I am one lucky fellow. Here is a look at a few treasures from yesterday.






The last night treat was dinner outside with Mister Sive and Bailey at Peels. A perfect ending to the trip. That, and a Hendrick’s martini served in a coupe glass.

Thanks for joining me on this trip. It is so much fun knowing you are coming along for the adventure. I think we travel quite well together.