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A Sunday Thought




My Favorite Things Today

Coming back from having walked 2 shows, I wrote 100+ orders, so new goods are literally arriving daily from now through the holidays. I did not just type the word ‘Holiday’ did I? Well, yes, I did. For the gearing up begins in the Las Vegas & New York heat, which I have always find so ironic–shopping in July & August for Autumn and the Winter months. Bottom line, there are some very very fun/lovely/awesome things arriving each and every day. I had a blast waking around yesterday clicking away goods that arrived this week.

20140830-053457.jpg I found these in Las Vegas. A mother/daughter team who paint the gorgeous images and then screen them onto hand towels.

20140830-053630.jpg We can never have enough salted caramels at the shop. I repeat, we can never have enough salted caramels at the shop. Ever. These are so good.



20140830-053916.jpg All things for a little stylish entertaining.

20140830-054036.jpg The artichoke bottles are like little works of art. AND, you get to eat them too!




20140830-054310.jpg Yes, green, in many forms, always finds a happy home at Watson Kennedy.




20140830-054601.jpg Gifts in many forms. One for them, one for me…

20140830-054801.jpg I actually saw these cups in Las Vegas but the gentleman who sells them had stepped away from his booth. I ended up seeing them again and writing the order in New York. These kind of crack me up they are so cool. A reminder of my fraternity days, drinking out of the thin plastic red version, with the sound of Depeche Mode playing in the background. These are really thick heavy plastic that are not meant to be tossed after the party. I bought them in a ton of colors. Of course, the orange version fit right into the little Veuve display ever so nicely.

There you have it! “My Favorite Things Today” for a little Saturday visual post. Have just the best start to our Labor Day week-end!
From Seattle,



Ted’s Tip No. 9

20140829-064105.jpg At this hearty time of year when gardens and planters are brimming with bounty, think of using herbs as a solo arrangement. A big bundle of rosemary or a dancing group of flowering dill can make one deliriously divine centerpiece added to a dining or side table.




Studio Tour: Wayne Pate

20140828-053414.jpg One of the very, very fun things I did when in New York this last visit was to have a personal tour of the studio of artist Wayne Pate. We are so fortunate to sell some original works of Wayne’s at Watson Kennedy, so I was honored to be in the work space where the creation happens. I love being in the studio of an artist. I find it so intriguing to see the objects and things they have around them when they create. In this case, Wayne’s studio is also in the Brooklyn brownstone he calls home with his wife, clothing designer Rebecca Taylor, and their 3 young children. So it was an even more special treat to see their stylish & beautiful home too. I clicked away in both spaces, so you are in for a treat.

20140828-054302.jpg His studio is on the 2 lowest floors of the brownstone, filled with his artwork and objects that inspire him. The walls are also littered with other works of art that inspire him, as well. Bookshelves become tableaus of visual treats at every turn. Tabletops become their own story.





20140828-055014.jpg Then I got to see stack after stack of his work. I was a little lightheaded from all the beauty in one space. To be surrounded by so much work is truly quite something.






20140828-055459.jpg Wayne also has a brisk print making business of his work which he ships out himself. He is going to be working on a custom tote for Watson Kennedy, which I am over the moon about. Details later when we get closer to the release date. Being a lover of customized tape, it was fun to see stacks of his cool packing tape with his work on it. Check out the lovely prints on his site at

We then headed out to the hydrangea lined backyard of the brownstone that is filled with inspiration for Wayne. You often see the lines of plant leaves in his work. Urns and containers also are a recurring theme. Cool to see the actual ‘things’ that catch his eye and inspire a work.



20140828-060805.jpg Wayne follows my Instagram feed so he knows of my fondness for hydrangea. So cool to see them line the entire courtyard.

20140828-061002.jpg Then it was up to the kitchen/living room floor for a libation and a look around the glorious living room. We share an affinity for Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé, so he had a bottle chilled. Looking at all this beauty can make you thirsty. Insert one very large smile. Believe me, I was smiling when he cracked open that bottle of rosé. Yum.



20140828-061628.jpg Soon, we were joined by his in-laws who were visiting from New Zealand. Then his wife Rebecca arrived home from her studio where she was busy working away on details for her upcoming ‘Fashion Week’ show. Then his 3 kids joined in. I felt like part of the family. It is a house filled with love. You can feel it at every turn. Things are just things, but when they are chosen with great care, when all culled together, it creates a home. In this case one very stylish home.

20140828-062532.jpg And in that lovely home filled with great love in that beautiful art filled living room sat my book. I was so touched. It really was such a special evening and such a treat. The life of an artist is a reminder to me of seeing all the details. They capture those details in their work. Colors, shapes, forms, compositions–they surround us always.




Lemon Cucumbers

20140827-064537.jpg This time of year brings lemon cucumbers. If you have never tried one, and you are a cucumber fan, you must. Of the heirloom variety, these lemon looking cucumber don’t really taste of lemon, they just taste more intensely cucumber-y. The size of a tennis ball, they are packed with flavor. Eat them how you would a regular cucumber–as is, in salads, drinks. My favorite way is just with a generous slice in sparkling water. No need to muddle it or anything, the intense flavor flavoring the water beautifully. Incredibly refreshing.




Summer In a Bowl

20140826-062416.jpg This is just the simplest thing to make this time of year when tomatoes are most plentiful and are at their peak taste & flavor wise. TPS made this the other evening and I made it the week-end before last in New York when our niece Emma came to Hawthorne for a visit. We could make and eat this weekly during the season it is so tasty. It is a one bowl meal that could not be easier. Here we go.

Preheat oven to 400 while you get things ready. In a baking dish put in small tomatoes whole. Sprinkle them in the dish with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Then add 2 finely chopped garlic cloves and a good amount of torn basil. That is the image below. Roast/bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until the tomatoes have begun to pop and open. This is needed as the juices mix with the olive oil to make the sauce for the dish. At the 15 minute point, with a spoon mix things around a bit.

While the tomatoes are cooking away, start a big pot of salted water to boil. Choose whatever type of small pasta you like. Ted really likes bow tie shaped pasta, so that is what he used the other night. Cook pasta.

While those 2 things are cooking away brown a package of the best ground sausage you can get your hands on. Simply put a bit of oil in a pan, break up the meat and cook away until cooked through. If you want a meatless or vegetarian meal, omit the sausage. We do this often and the dish still rocks without the meat.

In a large bowl combine the roasted tomatoes, the cooked pasta and the browned sausage. Mix together. To all of that take feta and crumble about and mix again. Once you have served up things on a plate or in a bowl, top with another bit of feta for the top of the dish. So yummy, so satisfying, so easy. Summer in a bowl. Enjoy!




A Table in Blue

20140825-051609.jpg Honoring the meal continues, this time wrapped up in blue. Using what you have, is a continual theme in what I write about. In this case, sea shells we have collected on beach walks get incorporated into the table setting. This table for deux I set a few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday just for us. The table was outside on the deck facing Colvos Passage, we watched the boats sail by as we enjoyed our supper. The seashells adding just the right amount of beach-y to the table. Bottom line, if you have it, if that ‘it’ makes you happy, use it. The shells we have found over the years just bring back lovely memories. I am always so happy to use them anyway I can in a setting, big or small.






A Table in Green

20140824-102119.jpg Even though we are not there at the moment, it is fun to look back and write a Hawthorne post. This one while sitting in my favorite chair at WestWard. Ahhhh, air travel. I still find it fascinating how we can get from A to B, or in this case H to WW, so quickly.

I think honoring the meal is incredibly important. To slow down and enjoy the meal and to slow down and enjoy the conversation. Setting a table goes hand & hand with all of that. I don’t think it has to be fancy in the least. It should just make us comfortable while we are sitting at the table having our meal. A regular Tuesday night dinner should/can hold the same importance as a fancy Saturday eve dinner with guests. The above and below table in green just that. Candles lit and a nice napkin and our weekday meal is elevated to special status. No reservation required.

Happy Sunday everyone. I am determined to get every drop out of Summer until September 21st. Cheers to enjoying this last month of this exquisite season!



A Saturday Quote




The Marlton Hotel

20140822-073219.jpg You all know by now that I like sharing with you things I have enjoyed. As well as, when I really love something, I really love it quite a bit. I stayed at one of the most charming & visually lovely hotels this past week when I was in the city for the show and book related events. What a treat. The Marlton Hotel had come highly recommended but it even surpassed what I was expecting. This is rare in New York hotels. Like restaurants, I only write about the ones I/we fully enjoy. There are certainly ones we stay at that are fine, but I would not write a post or recommend a stay. This boutique hotel, which opened in September 2013 is housed in a landmarked building–once called the Marlton House–that dates back to 1900. The storied edifice has hosted everyone from Lillian Gish to Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac, who wrote two novellas there. Situated in Greenwich Village, it is surrounded by places to walk around and grab a bite or a drink or do a little shopping. The creative vibe of it’s past can be felt in the spaces. I just felt comfortable there, really really comfortable. Sort of how I feel when we stay in Paris. But the biggest treat is all the glorious details. I could not stop clicking away images.









20140822-075552.jpg This stay was non-stop with buying at the show, dinners, meeting my publisher–that when I got to my room I just felt cared for. Every little detail was thought of and executed beautifully. As I said earlier, such a treat. I can’t wait to go back and stay there with TPS & Bailey.