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The Beauty of Food

Before we eat our food, really take a moment to look at the beauty of it. Let it feed our souls as well as our bodies. Revel in the textures, the color variations, the aromas. Giving thanks for the abundance and beauty before us.








Watson Kennedy at Hotel 1000

20150227-054918.jpg I have always loved that the shops are located next to really swell hotels. Customers who are traveling and visiting Seattle add such great interest & energy to the shops. It keeps new folks walking through the doors each and every day. So I was thrilled when the very lovely Hotel 1000 down the street from the Home store approached me and asked if I wanted to take over their gift shop in their lobby. Like our website which I wrote about yesterday, the open 24/7 concept is not an easy thing to pull off for a retailer. Keeping a brick & mortar shop open continuously is not really in the cards. That is why having a website works so well. This little shop in the lobby works a bit like this too. The hotel is staffed around the clock at the front desk. So if you are in need of a host/hostess gift at 9 o’clock at night, just pop on down to the Hotel 1000 for a little WK goodness. It is a very highly edited selection, as space is at a premium, but there are loads of things to make gift giving easy at any time of the day.







20150226-033837.jpg Yesterday we spent the better part of the day shooting images of goods to add to the Watson Kennedy website. Fun to pick & choose and add to the assortment. With over 750 items, it gives a bit of the flavor of what we offer. I try and shoot the goods just as they are in their displays, to capture the ‘feel’ of being in the shops.


20150226-034022.jpg Everything from baubles…


20150226-034234.jpg To tasty treats….


20150226-034348.jpg To tunes…


20150226-034501.jpg To vintage hotel silver…


20150226-034707.jpg To yummy smells…


20150226-034843.jpg To whimsical artwork and one of a kind finds…

Open 24/7 at



A to Z Wineworks Oregon Chardonnay

20150225-034544.jpg Yes, I will admit it, the A to Z caught my eye right off the bat. And yes, sometimes a simple Chardonnay is just what is needed with a simple piece of fish. Ahhhh, simple pleasures. Tuna steaks were on the dinner menu at WestWard the other evening, and this bottle caught my eye at the grocer. It ended up being perfect with dinner as well as a glass while I read my book by the fire after. Plays well with food and solo–a true test for many/most wines in my book.
From the makers website.
“The 2013 A to Z Chardonnay nose opens with bright fruit like kiwi and tangerine, pear and stone fruits then deepens to richer aromas of honey toast, rose and wet stones. On the palate, the wine is juicy and round with well-balanced freshness, minerality and structure. The zesty finish is crisp, clean and pure with a lingering mineral nose.”



Style & Simplicity In Situ

20150224-064612.jpg I have a favor to ask. I would love to start a collection of images from shops that carry my book. If you see Style & Simplicity at a store, if it is no trouble to snap a photo of it and send it to me via e-mail, that would be hugely appreciated. The above I snapped when I was at one of John Derian’s shops in NYC a few weeks ago. The below was posted in situ the other day on Instagram by a very cool & lovely shop, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond. On a trip to Santa Barbara a few years ago, on our meandering we were fortunate to stop into this gem when we were in Montecito. It tickles me to no end to see my book in other environs. Thank you so much in advance if you do end up seeing it somewhere. A reader sent me an image of it at the Harvard Bookstore, and it just made my day. I may not have made it into Harvard, but my book did! Insert very large smile.

20150224-070148.jpg Happy Tuesday all! I hope you have a stellar week.



Inspiration in Yellow & Orange

20150223-073350.jpg Inspiration can come at any turn. Some fluttery parrot tulips that we were bringing as a gift to our Oscar party hostess were what got my head spinning about the colors of orange & yellow. How they blend into one another. How the colors vary within the same hue. The tulips a perfect example of how when the light hits them you can see a bit of both. They are the inspiration for the day.















A Sunday Quote




Inspiration in Green

Some days a color becomes a prevailing theme for me. It might be a color I consciously choose to dress in, such as orange socks and a shirt with a stripe of orange. Or it could be redoing a shop display and I pull all items that have a hue of blue. Color is so powerful. Yesterday I was ordering French linens and came across a beautiful bright green, which the French often refer to as yellow. That got me thinking about color, and how often colors blend into one another. How you see green in yellow and yellow in shades of green. I woke up this morning still inspired by green. It is a color I so often gravitate towards. It inspires, it energizes.










Our Opera Books Are Back

I adore these. First we had them, then we could not get them any longer, now they are once again happily sitting on our shelves awaiting a home. These very well might be one of the best value $20 items we sell. Each book contains the full opera on 2 CDs. The book itself is rich with information, containing the complete libretto with annotations. Perfect for all ages, novice to seasoned opera lover too. We listened to them the entire day at the shop on Wednesday and it just put us all in good spirits.







Dreams of August

20150219-065737.jpg This post is really a shout-out to all you readers in parts of the globe who are knee deep in snow and in the throes of super low temperatures. I was scrolling through images the other day from the past few years and stumbled on this one. This is one of my all-time favorite shots as it combines tomatoes and scented geraniums, two of my very favorite things. But what I am remembering most about taking this photo is it was on a glorious August day–where the sun was shining ever so brightly, and it was ever so warm outside with just the slightest breeze. The Summer heat warming my body and my soul.
Sending virtual warmth and sunny August thoughts to you all.