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They Have Arrived

My oh my, I was a happy man when I saw that lone bucket in one of the flower vendors stall yesterday morning as I did my Saturday walk thru the Pike Place Market, before I open the shop at 10. They have arrived! One divine bucket of white dahlias. $12 for 12 stems, and I was on my way.

I typically don’t arrange them quite so tall, but these were just perfect at varying heights. I put them on the front table of the shop for all to enjoy for the day. We wrapped them back up as we closed, and they made the trip over to the island with us, ready to adorn the dining table today. We have guests arriving at 3. Tomorrow I will show you what I did with these beauties. Different setting, different arrangement. I will have gotten my $12 worth out these, ten fold…

A restful Sunday to all.



Seems Like Yesterday

Seems like yesterday that the hyacinth and the peony were in bloom.


Time flies. I look forward to the arrival of dahlias filling up the Market soon. I hope all of you are enjoying ever bit of Summer that you can catch!



Remembering Savannah

We took a wonderful trip to Savannah, Georgia earlier this year, which was part holiday/part vintage buying trip. We had been to Savannah almost 15 years ago, so we knew we would love returning, since our first trip was a great one. It did not disappoint. It was as charming & eccentric as I had remembered it before. We stayed at the Mansion on Forsyth Park, which was perfect as the park is right out the front door, so walking our pooch Bailey was a breeze. We took a picnic to Bonaventure Cemetary, which sounds creepy as I type this, but it really is one of the more beautiful spots in the city. We drove around each of Savannah’s 21 squares, which are amazing. We shopped for vintage goods for Watson Kennedy, finding incredible stuff–sterling candlesticks were a prevailing theme. The Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, had grown by leaps and bounds since our earlier trip. It is extraordinary how they have incorporated the campus throughout the city into these historic buildings. Really spectacular.

Savannah really is a magical place, and I highly recommend a visit. Earlier in the trip, we had been to Charleston, which is also quite stunning. I have described them to friends by saying, “if I were a city, I would be Charleston, but my soul would be from Savannah”–they both are truly special places.



On trips, I become fixated on certain design details. The houses of Savannah are exquisite, and the door knockers just add to the charm.



Raspberry Dessert

Entertaining on a week night is fun, but I really want to make all the components of the meal fairly simple. Last night we had one of TPS’s childhood friends from New York who is in town for business, over for cocktails and a simple supper. They had picked up salmon and the rest of the main meal while they were touring around the city in the late afternoon. I was in charge of dessert. It was a long day at work, so I decided to assemble my favorite, quick & easy dessert, as I knew it would only take a few minutes. We have actually had guests want to lick the bowl to make sure they have gotten all of the caramel sauce. Here it is.

Take vanilla ice cream out to soften a bit, to start. I am a Haagen-Dazs fan, but any good variety will do. Find a caramel sauce you like. We sell a salted caramel sauce from France, as well as one from local chocolatier Fran’s that is just straight caramel. Heat the caramel sauce in the microwave till it is just warm. Pour the heated sauce into each bowl. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bowl on top of caramel sauce. It will start to melt a bit, and that is what you want. Next place a scoop of your favorite raspberry sorbet that has not been left out to soften next to the melting vanilla ice cream in the dish. Pour raspberry sauce (again, Fran’s is my source for this amazing sauce) over both scoops, and then scatter a few fresh raspberries over all. This is really all about buying the right stuff and assembling it–just what I like after a busy day. Give it a try, I promise you will have some happy guests.

20110728-072830.jpg The photo is a bit hazy. Sorry about that. I think the extra large martini might have had something to do with that.

Happy Thursday!



My Favorite Things Today

Many, many new things are arriving at the shop daily, and we have not had time to add them to the web site, so you are getting a first look. If anything sparks interest, please give us a jingle at one of the shops and we can go over pricing and any other questions you might have. Here is a peek of some of my new favs.

20110727-053135.jpg Lavender bitters made in small batches, perfect added to a cocktail to add a hint of Provence, or sparkling water to jazz it up a bit.

20110727-053427.jpg We just got these in yesterday, and I added them to our shell/beachy section. It is a series of 4 little glass balls that are connected, that hold water, so you can put in a single stemmed flower in each, making for a simple, stunning statement. I thought they looked like sea foam that collects after the tide comes in.

20110727-053822.jpg These are made by a local fellow, Jack. They are a steam punky bottle opener, that has a magnet in it so it can hang off a surface and be easy to locate. These are too cool. A perfect guy gift.

20110727-054217.jpg If you are an incense fan, these are the best. Hands down.

20110727-054428.jpg From Rifle Paper Co. just in time for your Summer thank-you notes.

20110727-054708.jpg This is a newer magazine out on the market, and I am thrilled to be carrying it. Each issue is like a work of art. Very old school in the attention to detail. This is a magazine that is more like a coffee table book. You will save it, and savor it for years to come.



It’s a Wrap

A well wrapped gift can delight the recipient just as much as what is inside the box. A few added embellishments to make a package special and personalized, really shows you added extra care & thought to your gift. When out and about shopping, I look for things that have letters or numbers on them–vintage brass stencils, playing cards with letters on them, buttons. I don’t always have in mind who is getting what, but I never pass up a card or item that has a 30, 40 or 50 on it. The same goes for wrapping paper and ribbon. If I spot a cool design, I get it and hold onto it till just the right occasion.

The above photo was a gift we gave to our friend Sarah for her 40th birthday. The measuring stick paper is a favorite of mine for birthday gifts. All the embellishments I had collected over time. The below gift was for our friend Peg Poage, and when I spotted the card with the double P on it, I knew it would be perfect slipped into the ribbon so she could use it for a book marker.

Have fun wrapping!



Buckets of Basil

We found vintage galvanized buckets a few years back, and thought they would be perfect to grow basil in. Since we are only out on the island 2 days a week, they are easy to care for, as we just heavily water them before we depart, and give them another good watering when we arrive. We had several holes drilled in the bottom of each bucket, allowing for drainage.

Since basil grows plentifully, we have tomato & basil salad often. Either for lunch with a piece of cheese & baguette, or with dinner as our salad. I cut the tomatoes in half, tear some basil leaves, add a few healthy pinches of sea salt and some fresh ground black pepper, with a splash or two of olive oil. It is the simplest, freshest, taste of Summer.



14 Countries

and counting…
I get a weekly update from our stellar IT guru Jeff, with all the countries folks are reading the daily blog from–England, France, Russia and China to name a few. When I started this in May, I never would have dreamed it would reach so far, so quickly. I thank each and every one of you for reading.

But the best part of all is meeting or chatting over the phone with people who check out the daily post. Yesterday was one of those days. A big shout out to Suzie who brought me a special gift, which I will be putting to good use today, perfectly wrapped with a sprig of rosemary, and to Kristine who I got to chat with on the phone for a quick second as she was ordering up some fab Hugo Guinness pieces she had spotted in a post and on the Watson Kennedy web site. Ladies, you made my day. Merci to you both!

It is a day of rest, as this past week was off the charts busy. At the Market yesterday, I bought a glorious bag of Rainier cherries for us to enjoy on the deck as we watch the boats sail by.




I Promise

I promise this will be the last post for awhile about the expanded space. It has all been so exciting, and I have wanted to share, but I have always wanted this blog to be about a variety of topics, so I promise this will be it.

Yesterday was incredibly lovely. We received so many kind calls, notes, e-mails, folks dropped by, flowers & wine were given–the response to the new space has just been overwhelmingly positive. I thank you all. Going from 1500 to 3000 feet of space has been quite a task in just a few months, but so many people stepped up to the plate to help out in such a variety of ways. I am truly humbled and grateful to all who were involved in this whole process. I am one very fortunate fellow.

Now onto the show.









Champagne anyone?
I hoped you enjoyed the little tour.
Happy Saturday!




I type this after I just finished a 16 hour day, have just taken a very long shower, and am bone tired but exhilarated to my core. The new space is done! The contractors are still finishing up a few last details, and will be out by morning, but the entire Watson Kennedy crew/family worked thru the eve to get everything complete, and I must say, it looks amazing. I am very excited for all to see.

When I first opened the shop 10+ years ago, I always set a dining table as I would at our home. Over the years, we just ran out of space to devote to doing it. We once again have space, and I was chomping at the bit to pull it all together. Here you go.



Now to bed.