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Anthology Spring Issue Has Arrived!

20140430-054555.jpg Issue No.15 arrived yesterday. Always a happy day when a fresh stack of new Anthology magazines work their way into a display. ‘Style at Every Age’ is the prevailing theme in this issue. I love the whole concept and they have carried it through beautifully. Why should style be any less important as we age? Style evolves over time and the depth of our own personal style increases and becomes more of who we really are as we age. We know what we like. We have tried many things and have decided what we really like. We have made choices. Owning shops, I see so much fabulous personal style each and every day. My own mother who is close to 90 has a huge amount of personal style. This issue embraces that at any and every age.

A big THANK YOU to Anthology for including Style & Simplicity in their book roundup, By the Book. Such lovely & kind words about my book. Merci, merci. As I wrote in an e-mail to my friend Elizabeth this morning, there is a big piece of my heart on every one of those pages. So fun to see the book among the stylish page of Anthology.




A Tuesday Quote

20140429-062058.jpg Feel your emotions,
Live true your passions,
Keep still your mind.
–Geoffrey M. Gluckman



Utilitarian Glass Containers

20140428-063519.jpg There are certain ‘things’ that I think are always handy to have around in a pinch. Glass containers would be one of them, and pretty close to the top of the list, I might add. They can come in colors, but I find clear glass containers are most useful because they work with and for holding just about anything. Having a few glass containers at the ready allows for a vessel when a friend brings a big bunch of flowers for you at your next dinner party, or they come in quite handy when you want to display an assortment of odds & ends you have been collecting. Is the case with the above image. We pick up shells we like on beach walks out on the island. This simple clear glass cylinder container is filled with them and sits on top of the fridge adding a ‘shell-y’ tableau to that part of the room. That one glass container has been used over the years for a myriad of things. Versatile, utilitarian, and stylish to boot–glass containers are always great to have around at the ready.



The Gift of Fresh Eggs

20140427-062434.jpg As we were leaving Easter brunch last Sunday, our host Sarah presented us with fresh eggs from her chickens. There is just something about the gift of food that has special meaning on so many levels. To nourish, to be enjoyed visually, a remembrance of the day–the gift of giving food is always such a gracious act. Fresh eggs are such a treat. We are often on the hunt for them at farm stands when they are available. The deep orange of the yolks and the magnificent color variations of the shells makes them truly like little works of art. Whether eaten or just looking at them sitting in the fridge set in a bowl, fresh eggs are just little gifts. Now I am hungry… A restful, peaceful Sunday everyone.



Eat Your Greens

20140426-075654.jpg All this good produce starting to show up at this time of year, ahhhhh. Eating greens is so good for good health, and I find mixing it up with lots of variety gets us eating a more and more of it.

20140426-080121.jpg My fab organic grower friend Margaret has been bringing me the most awesome baggies of greens each week. I thought I would share some of the images as they are just so pretty to look at. If I painted, I would be painting up a storm with all this natural beauty.

20140426-080403.jpg What I find so interesting is how much the visual appeal of food contributes to wanting to eat it. That saying of we eat with our eyes first before ever taking a bite is so very true. The above arugula and spinach were just incredible. Truly, the best spinach I have ever eaten. The last image is of curly cress, which neither of us have had before. Margaret said it would be lovely added to an egg salad sandwich. Which sounds amazing. We had it mixed in with the other two for a pretty out of this world mixed greens salad.

A happy, happy Saturday and week-end to you all!



Seattle Magazine Mentions

20140425-050335.jpg The May issue of Seattle magazine just hit newsstands and we had a few lovely mentions.

20140425-050519.jpg The first was highlighting Style & Simplicity. This tied in nicely with it also being the issue that they cover top home decor shops, which we received a shout-out in, as well.

20140425-051010.jpg There was also a fab mention in Ernie Pino’s column of the new cookies we stock at Watson Kennedy by Carla Hall. She was recently in Seattle and made a WK stop. We adore Carla from her ‘Top Chef’ days so when I received the e-mail from her saying she loved the shop and asking if I would be interested in carrying her cookies, I was so happy to oblige. These tasty little nuggets are filled with the love & enthusiasm that has become her trademark.

Thank you so much Seattle magazine for all stylish words!



The Graceful Forms of EigenARTS

20140424-061321.jpg We just received in a visually pleasing round of varying shapes & shades of green EigenARTS vessels this past week. They just speak to me of Spring and flowers and all that good stuff.

20140424-061618.jpg Made by artisans on the East coast, it has been a line of goods we have carried for quite some time, but I am still always struck by its beauty and simplicity each time we unpack a box. That is what is so grand about something that is really good. Even over a large span of time, it stays really good. Quality rarely dissipates.

20140424-062117.jpg What I look for most when finding containers for the shops is that they look as good naked as they do when they are filled with flowers. The graceful lines of EigenARTS always hits the mark. Any one of the pieces would look swell gracing a mantel or tabletop all alone without anything in it. But add a single bloom or branch or bouquet and then they really sing.



Some Serious Tulip Love

The tulips this season have just been spectacular. Amazing to think how many months have gone by with tulips as part of each of them. From that first large white bundle I bought the week between Christmas and New Years that kicked it all off which I put in a Tiffany & Co. ice bucket and had on the coffee table at The Gainsborough, until now. I thought I would show in pictures all the gloriousness that is the tulip.





























A Little Tuesday Socrates

20140422-060459.jpg Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.



Beauty is All Around Us

20140421-071641.jpg Friday was the first day tickets went on sale for the book launch party at the shop. It was such a treat and a huge delight to answer the phone all that day and chat with folks calling in to buy tickets. Many I have known for years, so it was just lovely to re-connect and hear their voices. I also received some really beautiful e-mails that day too. One in particular has really stuck with me and I wanted to share some of it with you all. Tiffany, the sender was a young girl when I first met her when she would visit my wholesale showroom almost 20 years ago with some of her family members who bought things from me for their business. Here is part of what was sent in her e-mail.

“I truly believe this group epitomizes the message that you, your blog, your shops and now your book, offer to the world. Beauty is all around us…it is not complicated or contrived. Surround yourself with people and things you love and celebrate it!
Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. You truly inspire us to create lovely lives!”

I immediately sent the e-mail to the other Ted and he responded back almost instantly with “she really gets it” which was so right on. Beauty IS all around us. Her words were so perfectly put. She does get it. I know all of you get it. We are all so fortunate/lucky/blessed for the moments we have. To be aware and see all the beauty that is swirling around us always. Thank you Tiffany for your beautiful words. I look so forward to seeing you, your family and all of you that will be there that evening.